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It's the finale! We've waited all season for this, the moment when we learn who will get contracts with Cover Girl and IMG and be featured in Vogue Italia, and then promptly fade into obscurity. Last week, Hannah and her magnificent hair were booted, leaving our two finalists. Will the winner be Brittani, the girl with humble trailer park beginnings who consistently impressed in front of the camera and on the runway, but who hit a speed bump (known as Alexandria, seething hatred of) in the middle of the season and faced a serious dressing down from Tyra? Or will it be Molly, the girl who takes stunning photos, and whose adoptive parents supported her every step of the way, and whose attitude is stink, stank, stunk? Two bitches remain! And only one can be named the baddest bitch in all the land.

Brittani and Molly head home from panel, excited yet oddly somber (and probably exhausted) at being named the final two. Brittani tells us that she grew up with her mom, who was a single mother and had panic anxiety disorder. This shaped Brittani, and she tells us that they were on welfare for the first eight years of her life. Everyone at home is going to be shocked at Brittani's success, and Brittani tells us that her mom is going to be really proud. Molly thinks her mom will die (in a good way) upon learning that she's in the final two as well. She says that this has been her dream, and her mom's dream for her, ever since they started watching this show. Well, you can't say that Molly's adoptive parents instilled her with lofty goals, at least. In case you haven't heard, Molly has anger issues stemming from her abandonment issues. She also did lots of drugs and then went to rehab, and became a better person as a result. Molly tells us that she's living proof that things can always look up. If the current Molly is the glass half full version, she must have been one really miserable drug addict.

Back at the house, Molly's best-of-week photo is displayed as digital art. She notes to Brittani that she never noticed how high her cheekbones were until she got on this show. She looks particularly flat-faced as she says this, but maybe it's just because she's not working her angles or whatever. This is Molly's third best photo in a row, which is obviously a very good thing. She tells us that Brittani is stiff competition, and even though Molly is tops in photos Brittani is a fierce runway walker. Still, Molly says, no one is going to want you as a runway model if you take a shitty picture on the end of the runway. Well it's not like Brittani's photos are terrible! They're totally fine! Brittani tells us that one side of Molly thinks she has it in the bag, but another part of her must be nervous because Brittani is more high-fashion. That's mostly due to the haircut, though, right?

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