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Tyra then goes to talk with Chelsey and her family. She notes that Chelsey looks like both of them, adding that you can't just rely on what mommy and daddy created. Chelsey has taken her good genes, and has amazing talent, so is the whole package. Chelsey's family also have never seen her do runway, so she's excited to have them there as well. Tyra advises her to let go of the ideal of perfection when she's walking. After Tyra leaves, Chelsey's mom admits she was thisclose to telling Tyra that Chelsey's older brother had, and probably still has, a huge crush on her.

As the audience fills in, the models line up backstage and there are last-minute preparations such as shoe-fringe trimming. Tyra steps out on the runway to introduce the show. She speaks in Italian for a minute, then asks how she did. She seems to get off the stage in a hurry, which must be editing. Ann tells us that there's no room for mistakes, and she and Chelsey have to step it up. And then, the music is cued. The curtain opens and Krista stands there in a pink diaphanous dress that says, "I've just been touched by Cavalli." So apparently we've gone from "Ghost Brides" to "Designer/Molester." Looking at the design, I'd wager it was definitely a bad touch. Krista walks, looking kind of awesomely mean. There are a bunch of models who know what they're doing, then Kayla and Liz. Finally, it's Ann's turn. She steps out on the runway to a song that chants, "Sex sex sex sex" repeatedly. Ann tells us that she stepped on the runway and felt really good and full of adrenaline. Sadly, her walk is unfortunate in a number of ways. In addition to her usual lumber, she's taken cues from crazy-eyed Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer. I guess this is what she means by looking terrified all the time. At least she doesn't fall. Chelsey comes out next, wearing a pretty flattering mini-dress. She notes the number of important people there, and says it's very humbling that all this is happening just for her and Ann. Chelsey's walk is serviceable, but not overly impressive.

There's changing backstage, and chaos happening. Jay screams at everyone to get in their next look and get back on the runway. Ann says that the whole thing is very confusing, which makes her nervous. Let's hope her eyes don't get any wider. Krista takes another runway pass, and once again looks like she might cut a bitch in a way that will make you like it. We see Kayla for a second, and then Ann takes her second pass. She looks slightly less terrified but still, you know, can't walk. Her legs don't look like human legs, which is where the bulk of the problem is. Chelsey walks again, once more looking fine but unspectacular. Then we get a few seconds of Jane, and it's time for the finale. All the girls walk out, Tyra compliments the clothes, and the final two celebrate. Backstage, Chelsey's parents hug her and tell her she's amazing and fit right in with the other professional models. Ann's mom cries and says that Ann is so beautiful, and she's proud of her. She very sweetly says, "She's my baby. My beautiful little baby." Awwwww. Ann trips and almost breaks an ankle when she turns to see her parents, and Jay notes that at least it didn't happen on the runway. Ann interviews that if she wins America's Next Top Model, she hopes she inspires everybody who's been picked on for appearing different. You can always find a positive side to everything, she says. Chelsey tells us that she'll be very upset if she doesn't win. Well, then she's going to be very upset. Commercials.

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