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In the bus on the way home, Ann and Chelsey talk about their meet and greets. Ann says that she was pretty relaxed, even though she probably looked frightened per usual. That's just how her face is! Chelsey confessionalizes that she feels like she has more of the whole package that Top Model is looking for. She points out that Ann has been in the bottom two, and never won a challenge. Meanwhile, Chelsey has won three challenges and never has been in the bottom two. Notice she does not bring up the fact that Ann has had top photo or video six times, while she has had none. That type of selective data makes me suspect that she's a Republican. Chelsey thinks that she IS America's Next Top Model. In reality, she IS delusional. Commercials.

When we return, the girls arrive at a location right in the heart of Milan. It is, of course, the setting for the Just Cavalli fashion show. Chelsey tells us that Roberto Cavalli is one of the world's premiere fashion designers, so walking for him in general is a really big deal, even when you're not trying to win a busted reality show in its 15th season. Jay tells the girls that they're not going to be the only Americans in the fashion show -- they've "flown back" Liz, Chris, Jane, and Kayla. And of course, they couldn't start the show without Cycle 14 winner Krista. Krista comes out looking pretty fly and super-skinny. She tells the girls that when she was in their place, she was nervous. They seem to appreciate the kind words.

With no further ado, the girls all get shuttled to hair, makeup and wardrobe. Jane gives Ann a pep talk, telling her that she needs to go out there, walk really well, and not fall. Jane tells us that Chelsey has had her opportunity to model already, and Ann deserves it. She's firmly Team Ann. Kayla, however, is solidly in the Chelsey camp. She tells Chelsey that she should win, since Ann gets tired after five seconds of work. How strange that we've never seen that! Chelsey adds that Ann doesn't want it as badly. Kayla interviews that Ann has a really good shot, but she wants to see Chelsey win. Krista asks Ann if she's nervous about the walk, and Ann admits that she is. Krista advises a nice big breath before walking on the runway, because after that everything will go blank. It's going to be Ann, the runway, and her dream. Ann is a little bit in love with Krista, and rightfully so.

Preparations continue. Ann stands outside and talks to her family, and then Tyra comes to greet them. She hugs everyone. We then cut to a bawling Ann, likely post-show, saying that her family has never seen her model or on the runway, so it's nice to have them there. Tyra reminds Ann to be herself, and just walk in a way that feels natural and cool to her rather than trying to emulate other models. Cut back to bawling Ann saying that to make her parents proud makes her really, really happy, and to be able to do something this big is just awesome. Tyra high-fives Ann's family and notes that the five of them would make a great basketball team.

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