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Chelsey is next to record the voice-over. Jay tells her that she's rushing it, and can take her time. The voice over is harder than it sounds, says Chelsey. Meanwhile, Ann shoots with Federico. Her mom can't get over how beautiful Ann looks and says, "She looks like a woman." Awwww! So sweet. Her dad says it's amazing to see her there, and that she's going to be America's Next Top Model. Federico loves Ann and found her to be an incredible editorial girl. However, this means that to do a beauty shot was a little bit more difficult. With all parts of their first big day over, Jay tells the girls that their parents will be sitting front row at the Just Cavalli fashion show. He tells Ann specifically that he hopes her walk is together, because them heels are high. Ann gives a nervous laugh, and I hope this is not some sort of terrible foreshadowing.

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail: "It's time to make one more important stop on your race to the top. Love, Tyra." The girls are puzzled, but soon learn what's up as they travel to meet Ivan Bart, senior vice president of IMG Models. He's going to have a meet and greet with each girl. Chelsey tells us this is hugely important, since the winner will be signed with IMG. Ivan asks Chelsey what made her enter this competition. She tells him that she's tried for a long time to break into the business, including a stint in New York. She never thought she could make it, but here she is. I wouldn't think "I never thought I could make it" is something you'd want to say to a potential employer. Still, Chelsey thinks that she impressed Ivan, and that he could see her drive and passion for modeling. They go through her portfolio and Chelsey talks about how starstruck she was on set with Patrick Demarchelier. Ivan tells us that Chelsey has a great personality, and he felt very comfortable talking with her. He could see IMG working with her.

Next, Ann meets with Ivan. She towers over him as they shake hands, and tells us that she's nervous about Chelsey likely having more energy in this meet and greet. Ivan asks Ann how it's been going through the competition, and she flatly says that it's been a lot of fun and her confidence has been boosted a lot. She goes on to explain that back home, everyone scrutinized her because she was so tall, but in this competition it's an asset. They look through her book, and Ivan says that her pictures show how her height is an advantage. He tells us that Ann made the clothes look really good, but he'd like to work with her personality a bit. Ivan's mind isn't made up at all, and he tells us that he's going to be scrutinizing both ladies quite closely on the runway. And then after they're both horrible he'll flip a coin.

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