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With both girls fully prepared, they sit at a little café table and Jay tells them that he wants freshness the whole time. It has to feel real, or they'll look cheesy instead of easy and breezy. He calls action, and Ann and Chelsey interact for a second before diving for their purses and the product within. Natural! Chelsey says that a Cover Girl is somebody who's comfortable and confident with themselves, and who knows who they are. Jay cuts and directs a little bit, telling Chelsey to try to look happy as she reaches for her product, and not like the rag that she can sometimes be. Grabbing your bag is a happy, joyful experience! The next take seems to go better, and Jay says that they have natural born actresses for a change.

It's then commercial gelato time. The girls accept gelato from a vendor, say thank you, and then walk off. Jay shouts good things at Ann, and she says it was nice to hear that she was doing well since she was worried that trying her best wouldn't be enough. Jay tells us that both girls really wowed him. Ann found a way to vibe off of Chelsey, and Chelsey in turn found a way to work with Ann. The synergy helped to make the commercial a success.

It's then time to move to the beauty shot. Jay needs confidence from the girls, for them to feel aspirational, and for men and women both to be able to relate to them. He thinks that some inspiration might be missing, however. With this, Ann and Chelsey gasp and cry as they see their parents walking toward them. Awww! Chelsey says that she's very close to her parents, and they've been through everything with her. It's amazing to have them there. Ann's dad asks her if she can believe how far she's come. She shakes her head no. Ann says that her family is really close, so close that they like to do things such as joke around and watch movies. Feel the closeness. Ann's little brother is there, too, which she thinks is cool. Little bro is taller than Ann, even! Despite her claims, he is not so little. The families will get to watch the girls on their beauty shoots for a few minutes, which everyone is happy about.

Chelsey meets up first with photographer Federico de Angelis. Jay tells her that the training wheels are off, since he'll be working with Ann to do her voice over while she shoots. Chelsey will have to negotiate this on her own. She seems totally fine with that, of course. The wind machine goes, and Chelsey poses. Her parents are very proud, and confirm that Chelsey has wanted this since she was a little girl. Any time she had to write a paper about what she wanted to be, she chose supermodel. Her dad notes that she's living her dream. It's like Make-a-Wish, kind of. Federico says that everything with Chelsey was very easy. He found her very commercial in a certain way. Meanwhile, Jay gives Ann some pointers on recording her voice-over. Ann sounds okay, but Jay tells her to relax and not be so wooden. He suggests that she talk with her hands, in the Italian way. Ann tries this. It looks really odd, but this is an audio recording so it doesn't matter. Ann says that it was awkward at first, but using her hands actually really helped. Jay gave a useful tip! It does happen about once a season.

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