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Chelsey's shoot is next, and she poses in the grass with subdued vigor. She says that it's very important for her to stand out to the photographer, especially considering how good Ann's pictures are. Chelsey wants to prove herself. Vincento says that Chelsey just works. She looks good, she's very comfortable in front of the camera, and has something that the camera likes. His comments really capture them, I think -- Chelsey's like the hard-working ant to Ann's naturally fabulous dragonfly. Does someone store up food for the winter in this parable? Maybe Tyra.

The girls head home to find Tyra Mail: "Real high-fashion models know how to commercialize their careers. Love, Tyra." Both figure out quickly that it's commercial time. Chelsey is very excited to get to all things Cover Girl, where she might stand a chance. Ann notes the odd occurrence that no envelope with a script came with the Tyra Mail. She wonders if they're going to have to learn Italian on the spot, or something similarly horrible. Chelsey reminds us that there's no room for mistakes as we head to commercials.

When we return, Ann pulls toast out of a crazy Italian toaster. It has a little toast cage! That's the most exciting thing that happens in this episode, I will tell you, until the very end. Chelsey curls her lashes, and then girls are shuttled off in their van to a beautiful little town. Jay meets them and tells them that they're in Orta San Giulio, which will be the backdrop for their Cover Girl commercial and print ad. He tells them not to let the beautiful scenery out-charm them. What could possibly be more charming than the connect-the-dots pimples on Ann's chin? I'm guessing she's not a girl who usually wears a lot of makeup, so her skin has taken a beating over the past several weeks. It's just one more way that Tyra Banks ruins lives. Jay then drops the welcome bomb that the girls won't have to memorize any lines today. They're going to shoot this like a real commercial, which means that the audio is laid over top. So, while one girl shoots her print ad later in the day, the other will do a voice-over with Jay.

The concept of the commercial is that Ann and Chelsey are two friends -- already this will require a feat of acting -- who are vacationing in a quaint little town. Their commercial co-star is Lash Blast Fusion Mascara. Of course. Jay is expecting a lot of clumpless glory out of both of the girls. As a makeup artist applies the product to Chelsey's eyelashes, she tells him that she totally uses Last Blast Fusion Mascara at home. She's such a suck-up. All this will do is make the Italian crew think that she has bad taste! Ann takes a look at the voice over script. She says that at first she was nervous about having to compete against Chelsey in the commercial, due to Chelsey's somewhat more developed personality. However, Ann did really well in the motion editorial, and even got first video, so she's trying to figure out how to transfer that energy to Cover Girl and be as commercial as she can. Chelsey, meanwhile, thinks that she has more confidence than Ann does. Ann is beautiful and takes great pictures but, Chelsey points out as she has a thousand times before, she's a bit lackluster in the personality department. Chelsey's plan is to bring it 150%.

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