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Chelsey reminds us that she and Ann are very different. She conjectures that Ann only just recently got interested in modeling. For Chelsey, modeling has been a life-long dream. She didn't just, like, think it would be fun or show up at a mall somewhere on casting day. She did, however, try to become a supermodel for twenty years to no avail. I guess we're supposed to think this is admirable. Ann tells us that Chelsey has a lot of personality and experience in modeling. This is kind of intimidating to Ann, but at the same time she's been doing very well in the competition. She really feels like she's ready to become America's Next Top Model. God, these finale shows are always so boring because it's just one hour of two people telling us why they think they should win, interspersed with applying mascara and walking in stupid shoes.

With that, Chelsey and Ann take a very long drive and meet Valentina Serra, the stylist for Vogue Italia. There are no Jays to be found, which seems very unusual. It's time for the girls to shoot their spread, and they'll work with photographer Vincent Peters. I feel cheated of a really fun Italian name. Maybe I'll just call him Vincento. Vincent says that this shoot might not be as Vogue as expected. We're totally going to be seeing this in Seventeen in a month, aren't we? Damn you, Ann Shoket! Vincento wants to do something natural and not too set-up, and says that the more the girls can be themselves, the better the photos will be. The girls get made up and styled, and Chelsey tells us how grateful and excited she is. Ann says that she's awkward in person, but when she takes a photo she turns into someone else who is really able to work it. I love that Ann is now saying "work it." When she talks about smizing fiercely, we'll know that she's truly ready to take the title.

Ann's photo is first, and someone stands above her with a parasol as she chills in the grass in, like, a nightgown. She says that it would be really weird to see herself in a magazine, but awesome nonetheless. She'd be proud. Really really really really really really really proud. Ann then stands in the water in another dress. She says that she's having a lot of fun on her shoot, even though it's hard to see through the bugs. And boy, are there bugs. Vincento tells her to think of the bugs as fans. Ann cracks up as the makeup lady picks a gnat out of her eye. Vincento tells us that Ann is definitely more like a fashion model or studio girl. She's very couture, and very high-end.

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