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Magic Ann

Meanwhile, Ann cries and talks about how proud her parents are going to be. She's very honored, especially in light of all the comments directed at her about how she's too tall and not normal. Nigel points out that she's not normal, she's America's Next Top Model. Ann agrees, and says that the people who made fun of her are going to look back and say, "Man, I should have been so nice to that girl." Even her "Suck it, haters!" speech is so sweet and mild. As we fade out, Tyra tells us that Ann came into this competition, all 6'2" of her, a shy, bullied, awkward girl with no idea how to work her high fashion potential. But she ended up impressing and surprising everyone with her amazing couture presence. Tyra wants Ann to go out there and make her proud. I want Ann to go out there and not have a nervous breakdown. And seriously, she seems like a lovely girl so I hope not only that she works, but that she finds some enjoyment in the whole thing.

With that, another cycle has come to a close. Thank you for reading, and have a fierce holiday season!

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