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The judges deliberate. Ann is already tearful when the models are dismissed, while Chelsey looks like the cat who at the 6'2" canary. Nigel says that he enjoyed shooting Chelsey, and likes her unique features. Roberto says that Chelsey is more professional than Ann, who is young and naïve. ALT says that Ann is stunning, coltish, exotic, and the new sexy. It's without doubt in his mind that Ann is high fashion without even knowing it. Jay says that he's not sure if Ann is at the point where the training wheels can come off and she can go out there on her own. Roberto feels a lot of this possibility. What does that mean? You are asking the wrong person. He says, "As Italian fashion, maybe Ann. For American fashion, maybe Chelsey." Jay points out that Chelsey impresses him with her knowledge about fashion and her understanding of creative. Nigel argues that at 17 or 18, as Ann is, you're not going to have that same knowledge of fashion. This starts a shitstorm with Tyra and Jay, who says that he had fashion ads all over his bedroom at twelve years old. Tyra screams, "Child, at 17 years old I KNEW FASHION!" ALT points out that you don't have to know everything about fashion to be a successful model. Nigel adds that you have to listen, which Ann does well. She has the strongest ability to be a star, because she's so unique. At the same time, he'd book Chelsey, because she can deliver a strong, American look that will work and generate dollars and make the client happy. ALT says that Ann is the new sexy, while Chelsey is perfect blonde corn-fed American freshness. With this, the judges have reached their decision.

Chelsey and Ann return. Tyra notes that this has been a very long journey for both of them, but only one can be America's Next Top Model and get all the affiliated prizes and have a dream come true. And with that, America's Next Top Model is...Ann! Really, it couldn't be any other way. Ann looks completely gobsmacked, and Chelsey has the class to hold back her bitchface for approximately sixteen seconds. Ann cries and thanks Tyra and the judges. She can't believe it. Neither can Chelsey. She's really upset and feels cheated. She says that she has the whole package to be America's Next Top Model, and Ann doesn't. I will say once again: Ann is the only one of them that got booked on the Versace go-see. It really couldn't go any other way. Tyra tells Chelsey that she now has a platform, and people know her name. And will forget it in approximately four days. Sorry, hon.

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