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Previously on ANTM: The top six made their way to Rome, where Fatima caught the plague. This didn't stop her from walking for large and in-charge designer Gai Mattiolo. However, it was Anya who won the challenge by looking the most generally jailbait-ish. Fatima rallied for the Cover Girl commercial, which was in Italian, but Lauren couldn't break out of her punk-rock style and so got sent back to the cave that she came from. And I say that with love. The girls next had to display their posing prowess as old-school gladiators, and pose for world-renowned photographer (within her own mind) Tyra Banks. Katarzyna somehow got the idea that they were in Egypt, and so got booted back to whatever boring office job she came from. This, too, I say that with love. Four bitches remain!

Rome! The girls return to their hotel, and Whitney discusses her perilous plight of being in the bottom two for the second time in two weeks. It's really bad, she says, and so far every girl who has been in the same situation has gone home the second time. But not Whitney! The judges have faith in her. Whitney was shocked, and admits that it was nerve-wracking to almost have been cut. She doesn't want to be in that situation again, and has to prove to the judges that she does want to be there. Whitney has been nervous for the past several weeks, and now really has to make an effort to be natural and not pose-y. Still, she is the embodiment of a long and arduous struggle: That of the plus-sized girl on a reality show about modeling. America and America's Next Top Model are ready for a plus-sized model to win the competition, she says. I just busted out into a full-figured version of "We Shall Overcome." This is the first great movement of the 2000's.

The girls are feeling kind of crazy about the fact that there are only four of them left. You really have to be the best at everything -- photo shoots, challenges, dumb sound bytes -- to avoid being in the bottom two. Anya says she isn't worried about the other girls -- she just has to focus on herself and do the best job that she can do and bring it on set. What she really needs to do is apply some hot wax to her upper lip, because all that she's bringing right now is five o'clock shadow.

The girls return home, where they see lots and lots of posters of Saleisha in their apartment. Dominique tells us that she knew Saleisha would win from the moment she saw her. She then says, "I guess I'm the Saleisha of this competition." Relentlessly annoying, borderline plus-sized, horrible haircut. Yep, I think that's an accurate assessment. Dominique says that she has a headache and heads to her bedroom for a nap. As soon as she's out of earshot, the shit-talking starts. Something tells me this is a bit of a pattern in Dominique's life. Fatima says to Whitney that she is surprised that Dominique made it this far, mostly because she doesn't look like a model. Whitney agrees entirely, and notes that Dominique's most obvious flaw is her face. Even Anya gets in the action, saying that Dominique is overboard. Fatima doesn't know if she can handle Dominique anymore.

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