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Work Your Salad

Lisa is next on set, and tells us it's important for her to show how "well" she is at being a model in a simple manner. You know, no splits. Lisa lounges in the salad bowl and lazily pours olive oil on her thighs and stomach. There seems to be a giant turd in the salad bowl, or possibly it's a crouton. With Lisa in there, things could go either way. She rubs the oil all over her stomach and is gross a whole bunch. Shannon finally is nervous that she might go home. Oh, ya think?

Laura is next, and is nervous that because she feels so terrible she won't be able to give her all. And, to quote the famous Joe Reid, poor Laura's chin does not need to be sitting in a bowl full of oil. Nikos tries to direct Laura, and she reminds us that even though Shannon won't do the shoot, her staying true to her brand might win favor with the often nonsensical judges. So there are no guarantees. Laura makes the most ill-advised move yet and pours olive oil ALL OVER HER FACE. Jay tells us that Laura looked like a sexy little girl, which doesn't really work with a big bowl of salad or her brand. And then the shoot is over. No! I never want it to end!

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone is going home. Allison stresses about her performance, and says that though she thinks she got a couple of good shots she's nervous about what will actually be chosen to show. Laura is also worried, given her illness. Shannon, meanwhile, prepares for what she's going to tell the judges, especially given that they weren't shooting thongs or anything that might justify her position. She tells us that she took a stand today, and stayed true to her brand. She hopes the judges see that she has great potential, but adds that you never know. We know. Sorry, dude.

With that, it's panel time! Tyra is wearing business casual attire, while Andre is wearing a red shirt-cloak. There are prizes, there are judges. Nikos is the guest judge. Allison is up first, and although her eyes are indeed closed, Nigel tells her that her photo is still beautiful. However, given that her eyes are her signature, she needs to work on, you know, opening them in all sorts of lighting. Allison explains about her vampire eyes, and Nikos says it was a problem because he really wanted to capture their color. However, he still likes Allison a bunch and thinks that she can give interesting pictures. Angelea is next, and acknowledges that it was pretty awkward sitting in a giant bowl of salad. Her picture is improbably hot. ALT likes it, and asks if the wardrobe is underwear or a bikini. Tyra explains that it's underwear that looks like swimwear, and we cut to a worried Shannon. Nikos is happy that Angelea got this photo, because generally it was awkward shooting with her. Tyra notes that everyone was feeling awkward, which is not good. Still, Angelea was modeling from H to T. We then get a clear shot of exactly how soupy and wilty that bowl of salad was by the end of the day. Angelea gets triple points for looking so fly in a bowl of rotting stuff.

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