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Lisa is first to come out for judging. She's wearing a Mad Hatter hat and tie-dye belly top. She actually gets a fair amount of cheers from the audience, and does a jumping kick to remind us how craaaaazaaaay she is. Lisa talks about how she's doing music, and her stage name is La Puchinetta. Nicki looks unimpressed, but she likes saying "Puchinetta." Lisa's photo gets loud cheers, from Lisa. She requests that the crowd show her some love, and they reluctantly oblige. Upon Lisa's jumping-split pose, Nigel says that Lisa is showing a lot more than love in her picture. Nicki doesn't like Lisa's weirdly hunched shoulder but thinks that otherwise she rocked it. Lisa is so happy to hear this positive feedback that she goes into a split right on the stage. Great, now they're going to have to disinfect again.

Allison is next, and is feeling a bit nervous since her encounters with the runway usually lead to disaster. She gets a lot of love from the crowd, without even having to beg for it, and Nigel coins her outfit as being very Little Bo Peep. ALT loves it, and thinks that this is one of the most original presentations of personal style that he's ever seen. He thinks it's brilliant. Allison's photo is great, of course, and Nigel tells her that she's always been one of the most photogenic people. Nicki Minaj says that she would stop on this page in a magazine. Allison is adorable about it all, and also does nothing stupid or embarrassing. She is a true anomaly on this show.

Next up is Angelea, who gets applause from Nicki just for doing her crazy little runway dance. We flash back to Angelea doing the Hammer dance for Nigel on the subway, and him being terrified. He still has PTSD. Angelea tells Nicki how much she loves her, which doesn't seem to hurt anything. Her photo is pretty great, and even incorporates a finger wave. ALT is glad to see her, loves what she's wearing at the judging, and thinks that she is projecting Beverly Hood. Camille is next, and stomps on the runway. Nigel tells her that her signature walk hasn't changed. Camille mistakes this for a compliment, and says, "Thank you, Nigel." The crowd responds well to Camille's photo, and Nigel likes that it shows a softer side. ALT calls her divalicious, and Tyra is envious of Camille's perfect legs.

Next we have Dominique. We are reminded that she once said, "You can't put a price on all of this," all of this being, "pret-ty." Tyra prompts Dominique to reveal that she just had a baby girl, and Nigel commends her on looking so fly in this context. And also for actually having ovaries, despite some doubts. Nigel doesn't see the masculine side of Dominique's "masculine/feminine" photo, but loves it nonetheless. Nicki Minaj thinks that it would be sexy to a man and a woman. Next up is Shannon, who seems happy that five people in the audience remember who she is. Tyra seems amazed that Shannon, who appeared on the very first cycle of this show, is not yet in a nursing home. When Shannon's photo appears, there are gasps from the crowd. Because she's wearing such a teeny bikini bottom! ALT thinks that it's beautiful, and loves the innocence and confidence. And then for some reason Nicki Minaj starts speaking in a fake British accent, to tell Shannon that she's still holding back. Tyra brings up the fact that Shannon refused to wear the lace granny panties over her bikini bottoms, and Shannon explains that the granny panties were too underwear-like, and then Nicki Minaj polls the audience as to whether they think that Shannon's bikini bottoms look like underwear. They clearly do, because, duh. Shannon does a weird little dance, because Dame Nicki has thrown her off just that much.

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