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When we return, Bianca is still quite upset. Isis tells her to buck up, and not complain. Bianca explains to us that she's trying to be a better person, and in fact wants to be a lady. She's been trying her best, talking about the rain in Spain for hours now. Bianca puts on a half-hearted smile when she meets up with Jay, who reminds her that she initially came to the competition with the red highlights. Her persona is "loud and sassy," which is code for "stank." Celeste tells us that Bianca wasn't giving her a real "model" vibe, and felt a bit amateurish in her posing. But...her legs are just so long! How can anything that she does be wrong? Allison is next, with the persona of "quirky doll." She holds a giant lollipop, as quirky dolls are wont to do. She tells us that she's usually the one behind the camera now, with the art directing, and it's hard to get back into the modeling routine. Something tells me she'll do just fine.

"Ghetto fabulous" Bre is up next, in some shiny-ass purple pants. She tells us that Top Model launched her career, and she's booked national and international campaigns. She's signed to an amazing agency that shall not be named, and tells us that she's here to see if she's still got it. She doesn't even mention any individually wrapped food items, and actually seems quite chill. Dominique is next, with the persona of "masculine/feminine." We don't see more than three seconds of her shoot, so I assume that she's fine. Camille's persona is "diva," and she tells us that when she left Top Model she signed to an agency in Milan and worked with some fabulous designers. She admits that she has a little diva inside her, and adds that there are times when she can be extremely fierce. Somewhere in an attic there's a video clip of a lady doing a signature walk, and she gets older with each runway pass. Camille has not aged a day, I tell you.

Kayla spots a big gay pride flag on the wardrobe rack, and assumes correctly that it's for her. Her persona is "proud lesbian," and she reminds us of her dream to be the first openly gay top model winner. Brittany is next with the persona of "party girl," and she opens her mouth real wide just like Janice Dickinson taught her. Jay tells her to add even more party, and Brittany requests a cocktail. She might try falling into the pool. Brittany tells us that since Cycle 4, she started a "medical spa kind of thing" in Hollywood. Sounds... healthy? She's also still modeling and hosting. Or doing a "modeling hosting kind of thing." Brittany hopes to establish a phenomenal career kind of thing.

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