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ALT thinks that Bre's photo was dreckitude. Bre in person, however, was wonderful. He can see her be able to host a show or thrive in a medium that takes her beyond modeling. Tyra points out that Alexandria has strong polarity, and that some fans were booing her. Nicki wants to bone Dominique, and Nigel says that she's a role model for a lot of moms out there. I guess that's just because she still looks fly after popping out two babies. Isis is very hip and cool, and Nigel thinks there's a real star in there. Tyra notes that she had good fan ratings as well. Bianca has confidence, authority, and sass, according to ALT. Tyra is proud of Bianca, because she used to be even more stank than she is now. And with that, the judges have made their decision about which all-star will be shot back into the galaxy.

Fourteen lovely young moguls stand before Tyra, but only thirteen will remain in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model All-Star. There are prizes. We know who the judges are. Tyra calls Isis first, which means that she has the best photo of the bunch. Allison is called next, followed by Camille, Lisa, Angelea, Laura, Bre, Bianca, Shannon, Dominique, Sheena, and Kayla. That order makes absolutely no sense. What does make sense is that Brittany and Alexandria are in the bottom two. Tyra likes Brittany's photo, but says it's not super strong. Also not super strong is the fact that the crowd didn't find her memorable. And then there's Alexandria, who was booed. That made the judges wonder if they made a mistake. YES! But Alexandria stays, because of the new word that Tyra is teaching her now: polarity. The opposite of love, says Tyra, is not hate. It's indifference. Tyra Banks, the human thesaurus. She adds that when you have people that love you, and people that hate you, that is the definition of a true star. People that hate Tyra Banks: you are only making her more famous! She's got you, again. Tyra tells Alexandria that she might want to add a few more notches in the "love" column while still holding on to her fire.

Tyra hugs Brittany and says that the great thing is that she has a career and a business kind of thing. She's an entrepreneur, which Tyra is all about. Be the CEO of your life, ladies! If I were actually to hire a CEO of my life, I'd probably interview me, but hire someone with better organizational skills. Brittany is shocked about her elimination, and sarcastically wonders if she should have peed in a diaper to help people remember her. She thought she was going to go far in this competition, but alas. Brittany disappears from the compiled group photo, which oddly enough features a kiddie pool. That intern must have had a great time learning Photoshop!

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