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The Jays ask the crowd to stick around so they can chat with them a little about who they did and did not like, and we see the results of their man-in-the-crowd interviews. A young lady named Tiffany tells Jay that Allison has been her favorite for a long time. Someone else with poor judgment likes Alexandria, a pigtailed lady prefers Bianca, and a young, lovestruck dude is all about Isis. And then Jay talks to one particularly animated guy who says, "Alexandria needs to go home. I hate her. Even though I love her, I hate her too." It is unclear whether he is the same person who yelled mean things at her. Backstage, Alexandria says that she didn't think that people would stop talking behind her back, but she didn't think it would all happen in such glorious relief tonight. She's shocked -- and dismayed -- to know that the fans have weight in the judges' decision. She says that one negative person who doesn't know her could end up sending her home. But all of Top Model fandom has actually elected that guy a representative. I stand behind the process.

After a break, we are in the judges' private chambers, where they deliberate fiercely. Nigel loves Allison's whole package, and adds that she photographs extremely well. The crowd at L.A. Live also deemed Allison their all-time favorite. I do generally have some questions about the integrity of the data collected, as well as the analysis, but I can see this being true. Angelea is a beautiful girl, according to Nicki, and Nigel thinks that her look is more together now than it was a few years ago. Nicki hates Kayla's weird arm thing, but Tyra notes that Kayla took some of the most amazing photos during her cycle. She's a fan. ALT loves Laura, and says that there's a market for her. Tyra notes that there's something about Laura that just makes you want to hug her. It's true! ALT thinks that Brittany could dial it down, and is rather abrasive. Nicki sees his point, but adds that she lights up the room. His facial expressions show that ALT is not having it. Tyra says that there were no comments in the audience poll -- either positive or negative -- about Brittany. Even after she kept screaming up there! This does not bode well.

ALT thinks that Lisa's photo was a bit too Girls Gone Wild. Nigel says that it's very in your face, but is not a pretty picture. Shannon still has a great look and is very commercial, but Nigel says that she's confused and wonders what was up with the granny panty issues. Tyra, however, defends a fellow virgin by saying that Shannon is Miss Chaste, and is working it. ALT loved Sheena's jumpsuit, and Tyra notes that she was mentioned in a lot of audience interviews. No one says a word about her photo. Nigel says that Camille's signature walk, combined with her abrasive attitude and snooty/pompous air, is all wrong. And yet it's just the right amount of wrong. Tyra notes that Camille was pretty quiet, but she remembers her like it was yesterday.

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