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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part II

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Abigail also has some problems, but they are all picture-related. She tells the judges that the photographer told her to look like a porcelain doll, but Paula is not buying it. She says that Abigail needs to put her excuse bucket somewhere else, and then asks if Abigail reads her. When Abigail says yes, Paula replies, "Cool bananas." What the fuck is wrong with Paula? She's like Janice without the painkillers. That's no fun. Sophia likes her facial expression, but Paula tells her that she looks absolutely demented. Hee! Okay, I like Paula again. In any case, Sophia and Abigail end up in the final two, with Sophia going home. She says that she knew it would be her going home, but even though it's not a shock, it's very upsetting. Oh, don't cry, Sophia! We've already forgotten that you were in the competition, and you should too! Commercials. When we return, eight girls remain. The competition is thinning, while the makeup is getting thicker. Jonathan meets them to tell them that they'll be doing a beauty shot with heavy metallic metal paint. Good times! Abigail is upset, both because her good friend Sophia is gone, but also because she could have gone home as well. She tells everyone that she's going to have a good shoot this week because she was awful last week. Jonathan says that Abigail took the judges' comments about being cheesy and carried off the shoot quite well. He's slightly worried about Sarah, though, for reasons of lack of personality. He says that they're halfway through, and asks when the penny is going to drop. Right after the ha'penny does, I'm sure. The girls then have to be interviewed by radio personality Toby Anstis and learn how to answer embarrassing questions. Amber is asked what the naughtiest thing she's ever done is, and she comes clean about the fact that she was a pole dancer. Woo! Toby says that she handled herself quite well in the situation. Toby asks the girls who they'd like to see kicked off next, and a whole bunch of people say Sam. He mentions this to Sam, who plays it off in a kind of, "Eh, well, it's a competition," sort of way. Sam, however, would like to see Lianna go next, because she's draining and very negative. Some other folks agree with this and note that Lianna's irritating. Toby notes to Lianna that she's rubbing some of the girls the wrong way, and Lianna intimates that getting on each others' nerves is sort of a universal phenomenon, and she doesn't think that she should be singled out for it. Toby thinks that Lianna has a good attitude and also quite a striking look, and says that maybe the other girls have a problem with her because she's the biggest threat. Jealous bitches rise up singing!

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