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Next, Lisa tells us that sleep was not on the agenda for the girls on one certain fateful night. But you know what is? The local mausoleum. O... kay. Hilary meets them there and shows the girls some ornate necklace, and then tells them that they're going to be gothic brides. Well, you knew the gothic slash ghost bride would have to make an appearance at some point, did you not? I mean, it's the hallmark of modern fashion. The girls are all excited, but Hilary quells their enthusiasm by asking Julian Marshall, the photographer, to tell them exactly what he wants of them. He says that the girls will have to shoot in a freezing cold crypt. With dead people! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! He says that there will be a lot of drama, and Hilary adds that there will be a lot of gothic horror. Okay, they kind of won me over with this one. I think posing with dead bodies is pretty bad-ass. Except I don't actually see any dead people! Booooo! Nonetheless, the whole thing is sort of creepy and weird, though, as underscored by the black and red dresses, freaky makeup, and Gregorian chants playing throughout the shoot. Tamar seems to do pretty well, while Hilary has to tell Amber not to be afraid to look strange. Abigail is told to be quite dramatic, and Julian says that she's too doll-like and needs to be more angular. Sam gets some good feedback. Hilary tells Sophia that she's not Sophia anymore and has to act like she's fed up with the world. She loses patience a bit, and tells Sophia to go crazy. Sophia pulls her hair. When it's Lianna's turn, she gets raves. She has the face for a gothic bride, really. And then, "After a long night at the mausoleum, the girls need to let off some steam." HA! I mean, clearly. They go out to a club, where Sarah says that everyone was itching to let loose. There is dancing and drinking and fraternizing with the opposite sex. You know what that means! Yes, that's right: babies. And Satanism. England is a hotbed of both. Lisa says that the night out was just what the girls needed to take the edge off of the competition, but Tamar's drinking caused her some problems the next day at panel. Lisa says to Tamar that a little bird told her that she wasn't doing so well last night. "A little bird" called the camera crew, I'm guessing. Tamar laughs and says that she was a little sick. Lisa says that's a sign of a good night out. Tamar laughs some more and says that she thinks she still has some alcohol in her system, and that's what's keeping her going. Paula, having been sober for I guess about three days, then becomes the biggest buzzkill ever as she says that that's not fun or funny or okay in this competition. Yes it is! I mean, at the very least it's funny for us at home. She says that Tamar knew she'd be standing in front of the panel, and yet she's hungover. Okay, but who hasn't gone to work with a hangover at one point or another? Paula is being kind of annoying. Lisa is all, "You should try hanging with The Cloon!"

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