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And then, there is an elimination. Sophia is looking down her nose, says Paula, which is a useless thing for an unknown model. Asha's commercial gets a laugh for her smooshy sidemouth kiss with the male model, and Jonathan tells her that her pose is undignified and unfeminine. Amber's beauty will not get her through, says Paula. It's what goes with it. She's not a look, she's not a face, she's the whole package. Or IS she? Asha and Amber step forward, and Asha gets sent home. She tells us that she's gobsmacked and sad, but there's nothing she can do. Maybe try being a better model. Commercials. The next day, the girls have to do a commercial photo shoot, and this time the client has very definite ideas about how to sell soft drinks. Oh, don't tell me they have to fellate a can of Coke, now. British advertising, man. Casting director Jonathan Clayton tells the girls that they'll be jumping on a trampoline and trying to reach for a diamond in the sky while holding a bottle of the product. Well, clearly. I mean, what else would they be doing? And do you know what short skirts and trampolines mean for us at home? Yes, that's right! Pixilated bits! Lucy is first to go, and there is mad pixilation. Someone yells that they want the money shot. I should say. Lianna tells us that she got very nervous while jumping on the trampoline, and thus got very clammy and blotchy. Pretty! Meanwhile, Jasmia overcame her stiffness, and the photographers liked what they saw. Namely, her cooter. The day's ups and downs continued at the house, where the tension of the competition is starting to manifest itself in bitchery. Sam tells us that she thought a lot of it was aimed at her. It certainly seems that way, as Sarah tells her that she is irritating. And also quite bug-eyed. Then, the focus shifted to Lianna. Sophia (or maybe Tamar?) yells out emotionally that Lianna said that she would pick her to go home, and it broke Sophia's (or Tamar's) heart. Oh, shut up, Sophia. Or Tamar. Lianna denies that she said this, but S/T says that she did. Lianna calls her boyfriend for some support and sympathy. He asks what's wrong, and she says, "Bitches. Complete bitches." Seriously, are there three more accurate words in the English language? Though I have to say that the girls of BNTM Season 2 are letting me down a little bit. The first season's bitches were ever more delightful. And then, it's time for the judges to come out swinging at the girls, too. Lisa again is dressed well. Go, Lisa! Lianna gets raves on her trampoline photo, though Lisa says that she walked in all stiff and awkward and uncomfortable and the client was loathe to believe that it was the same girl. Tamar's photo gets mixed reviews, but it doesn't seem like Lisa likes her face at all. And then Lucy's photo just sucks. She looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy. She is not a pretty girl. She ends up in the final two with Tamar, and Lisa says that they've opted to go for versatility, so Tamar gets to stay. Lucy says that the main thing is that she experienced the competition for three weeks, so she feels lucky for that. Yawn.

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