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Back at home, some of the other girls call out Sophia and Abigail for being cliquey. Lianna says that she doesn't want to be in their "it crowd," and later notes that she can't stand Sophia. Jasmia says that there are going to be groups and to leave it, but then interviews later that she wouldn't mind it if Sophia or Abigail went. With this, the girls head to their first panel. Lisa runs down the prizes: a contract with Models 1 and a six-page spread plus the front cover of Company Magazine. I assume that this isn't a magazine, like, about companies. Or entertaining company or something. Who knows, though? In any case, the girls seem very excited about it. Lianna gets a mixed review on her bikini photo. Jasmia looked like a young girl dressing up in her mothers' clothes in the runway show. The photographer hates the whole look of Yvette's photo and everything about it, and he shot it, so that's saying something. In the end, Yvette and Jasmia are the final two and Yvette gets canned. She looks kind of pretty as she leaves. Asha says that she felt sorry for Yvette, but also not sorry, because she didn't want to get eliminated either. Yvette says that she's going to go home for a rest for a few days, and then get a portfolio done and go out and prove everyone wrong. Oh, please. She'll just end up on the Island of Misfit Models with the rest of them. Commercials. When we return, Lisa tells us that the next day posed two challenges: look good in a trash bag (ha!) and learn to deal with distractions on the catwalk. So the girls outfit themselves in garbage bags and walk dogs down some sort of makeshift runway on a track. You know what there are a lot of in this scene? Bitches. And also pixilated bits! Apparently, it was a very windy day, and to have clean lines on your garbage dress you must forego underwear entirely. Abigail's dog is apparently particularly unruly. She says that she let herself down because she wasn't focused enough. Some girls do better than others, and mostly it's dependent on how good the dogs are, or not. I like to think that the dogs' animal instincts have led them to sabotage the nasty ones. Next, it's time for a really hot, '40s inspired butch/femme shoot. Two girls pose together, one in a suit and another in a gown. First there's Tamar and Sophia, who do very well. Then there's Lucy and Georgina, who get some good feedback. Jasmia and Amber also seem to get good feedback, and then there's Sam, Asha and Sarah. Wait, who's Sam with? Maybe she's by herself. Lianna says that she wanted to be with Nina because she thought she'd help her. But, in fact, Nina did not help her, and Lianna seems incensed that Nina sees this whole thing as a full-on competition. I might make that same assumption, given that it's a modeling COMPETITION. Dumb ass. Nina also appears to be topless. Woo!

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