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When we return, Abigail (in curlers, per usual) and Lianna get Lisa Mail. Today is the day of reckoning, despite the "chirpy" mail. Both girls are nervous as they pack, because they both want to win. I mean, you know the drill. They appear in front of the panel, and Lianna starts crying almost immediately. Abby says that she loved being on the catwalk, and was just thinking, "I'm gorgeous, I'm gorgeous" the whole time. I'm going to start doing that in daily life, just to see what happens. Abby gets commended on her runway performance, including her recovery from slipping. The judges agree that she's come a long way, especially given her sex kitten beginnings. Lisa asks Abigail to convince her why she deserves to be Britain's Next Top Model. Abby says that she's in love with modeling, and now that she's had a taste of it, she doesn't want to do anything else. Jonathan asks how the show has changed her, and she says it's made her dead-set on being a model, as opposed to having it just be a dream. Then it's Lianna's turn. She's totally crying, and Lisa asks what's running through her head. Lianna says that she's thinking about all of her regrets, and all of the ways she could have done a better job on various shoots. Why, just one time, couldn't someone answer, "Kittens!" to that question? Paula says that Lianna has things to work on personally, but that's true of everyone. This from the woman who was such a crazy drunk that she actually frightened hitchhikers. She would know. Lisa asks how Lianna liked catwalking. Lianna liked it, but said that she forgot everything she learned. When faced with footage of herself, Lianna says that she looked better than she had imagined. The judges are forgiving of her slip on the runway. Jonathan says that she looks really beautiful, but he'd rather have her slip and fall on her face if it meant that she was enjoying herself. He adds that she's pre-empting things that could go wrong by coming out and feeling bad about herself. I think what he means to say is, stop being such a bloody mess, you freak. Lisa asks Lianna to convince them that she should be Britain's Next Top Model. Lianna says that she's learned so much, and even if she comes in second, she has the edge to go out and do it. To not use her knowledge would be a waste. She starts crying... more... and says that she shocked herself by how much she wants this. The judges deliberate. Jonathan says that Lianna looked great, but he just wishes she had enjoyed it more. Lisa says that it was her first big runway show, so nerves are the norm. Jonathan says that if she doesn't believe that she's confident and gorgeous, the audience won't believe it either. Lisa says that if she did a whole week of runway shows, she'd be good and would step it up a bit. Paula says that she has been thrown in at the deep end of modeling, and has had loads to contend with the whole time in term of the competition. They're totally making excuses for her! Jonathan says that she's had ten weeks of training from experts, which is an advantage that most models don't have. I'm with Jonathan on this one. Paula says that most models also don't have to live with eight other girls and go through all the manufactured drama that the show throws at them. When did Paula get so nice? I don't like it. Lisa quite helpfully points out that, at 18, Lianna is the youngest girl in the competition. That always helps.

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