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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part II

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When we return, Lianna notes how ironic that she and Abby are in the final together, because they've had so many arguments and harsh words throughout the competition. She says that it's kind of nice having Abby be her competition, because they're not friends, and won't be friends on the outside world, so she doesn't have to give a flying British pound about her feelings. Lisa turns up to congratulate the two girls. She says that she's very proud and very excited and asks the girls how they feel. They both think it's unbelievable and mind-blowing. Lisa tells them that the next day is their chance to shine. They each get one glass of champagne and then they have to practice and focus on working it. Abigail says that her ideal situation is for Lianna to trip on her long caftan and fall off into the audience. Didn't Bea Arthur do that at least once? Lianna wants Abby to plain old fail. She says that this is it for her, because modeling is the only thing she wants to do. What about being a copper? Stay strong, Lianna, and fight for justice on the mean streets of the U.K.! Abigail tells us that she's going to walk all over Lianna. Hopefully literally, in stilettos. That would really add a layer of interest. The girls head to the location of their final catwalk show. Lisa tells them that this is their chance to put everything they've learned to practice. She introduces them to the two women, flown in from Milan, who will produce the show. See, real fashion shows are never produced by Jay Manuel. Someone drops flower petals on the runway as the girls check out their wardrobe, and Lisa tells us that the final runway show will be for Moroccan designer Kenza Melehi. Abby confesses to feeling a bit nervous and says that she's got mad stomach cramps, which is never a good thing. Lianna tells us again that her copper dreams are in fact dreams of the past, and all she wants to do is model. As opposed to Abigail, Lianna feels calm and confident. Abby finds this worrisome, but she feels like she has the stronger walk and hopes that will work to her advantage. The guests file in as the models prepare themselves. And then, the show starts. Abby is first to go, and Lisa says she looks beautiful. And then, as Lianna walks out on the runway, she slips! Oh, I love it when that happens! Lisa voices over that this could be costly. There is Abigail, who gets raves from Paula, then Lianna, who Paula says is poetry in motion. On Abby's next pass, she slips a little bit as well, but sort of plays it off. She says that she's gutted. Lianna slips yet again while she's walking, and notes that she was shaking and went too fast. There is more modeling. At the end, the girls both get a big round of applause. She and Lianna congratulate each other backstage and compare the number of times they slipped. If only someone had broken something. Sigh. A girl can dream. Abigail and Lianna, in various states of undress, titter backstage about how much they love modeling. That is not a double entendre. Commercials.

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