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Next Top Model: British Invasion, Part II

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And it is time for the penultimate judging! The two who remain will battle it off in a catwalk show, per usual. Lisa asks how Lianna's final shoot was, and she admits that she cried. Paula notes that Lianna is very passionate about her work, and tells her to blow all her nasty insecurity and spirit out and start again. She says that you can start your day over any second. Easily said for a woman who tried to hang herself from a chandelier. When her photo comes up, Lianna meekly says that she likes it. Lisa tells her to show some emotion, and Lianna has to admit that she really, really likes it. The judges think it's amazing, and Paula says it's her favorite shot of the show so far. Really, it's pretty good. Jasmia is next, and says that her final shoot went okay. She says that she likes her final shot. Lisa says that it's a beautiful picture and her face is striking. Jim says that Jasmia did well on the day of the shoot, and Paula adds that it's Jasmia's personal best shot. Abigail looks sad, according to Lisa, and Abigail admits that she's scared. Paula tells her to take a big, deep breath, and that she should be proud because she's given it her best shot. Abigail loves her shot, and Paula gives her signature phrase, "Cool bananas." Jim tells Abigail that she's sometimes a little too overenthusiastic, but at least she has a personality. Lisa notes Abigail's transformation from the hottie men's magazine girl she once was to a real live fashion model. The judges deliberate. Jonathan wasn't sure if Abigail really wanted it at the beginning, but she's really progressed and blossomed and come into her own. Jim says that Abigail will try until she gets it right. Jasmia has had the most consistently beautiful photos according to Jonathan. Paula says that she has a look that will stand in the way of her doing everything. Jonathan adds that the girls who aren't the most versatile need something extra special in the way of personality, and Jasmia has it. Lianna has almost overwhelming passion, says Jim, and Jonathan adds that he hopes it's passion and not fragility. Lisa doesn't want to say goodbye to any of the girls. But, as we all know, she has to. When the girls return, she asks all of them to step forward. Lisa gets teary as she tells all the girls that they've all done well so far, and all deserve to be there. With that, Lianna gets the first photo. She is wearing, like, a circus tent for a shirt. That screams top model, doesn't it? And then, Abigail gets a photo, too. This means that her arch-nemesis Jasmia goes home. She wanted to stay until the end, she says, and it meant a lot to her. She is plain and simple gutted, she says. Sad times! Commercials.

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