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The next morning at breakfast, Abigail lashes out. She takes Jasmia to task for calling her fake for hanging out with Lianna after their past disagreements. Jasmia notes that she's never particularly liked Abigail. Abigail counters that she's never particularly liked Jasmia either, but has been the bigger person and changed. Abigail's accent gets really thick throughout all this, and I think it's sort of akin to when Tyra gets her ghetto accent on to prove a point. Abigail is street. Jasmia says that Abgail is not, in fact, the bigger person. Lianna, apparently not a fan of confrontation, walks away. Abigail eventually follows, telling Jasmia to shut up. Jasmia tells her to make her shut up, and then there is some more along those general lines. Calm it down, there, Lady MacBitches! Lisa voices over that hopefully a photo shoot in the hot, hot sun will cool things down a bit. Really, I don't think that's what they're hoping for at all! Nicky Johnston, celebrity photographer, welcomes the girls to the Sahara desert, and tells them to expect him to be in a bad mood. Apparently it's 110 degrees. That is no joke. Abigail is first up, and is worried about her face getting screwed up. Something is apparently wrong with her eyes. I think she has crazy contacts in, or maybe it's the makeup. Eventually, Nicky says that he's got the shot. Abigail asks if he's sure, and says that she'll kill him if he didn't. He asks, "What are you going to do? Have me shot?" She'll just "shut up" him to death. Don't mess with Abigail the Wee. Amber is next on a lice-ridden camel. What more could a girl ask for? It's a dream come true! Nicky tells her that the camel's personality is coming out more than her. Jasmia is shot inside a house and Nicky appears to give some positive feedback. Lianna poses in a turban and Nicky gets his shot. The girls are welcomed to their first Moroccan judging. Nicky is impressed by Abigail, and notes how far she's come since the shoot in the snow dome. Amber's shot is disappointing to Paula, who says that she was supposed to work on her movement and expression. Amber says that she wants another chance to prove herself, because she knows that she didn't perform up to par and could have thrown it all away. Paula says that that's the right answer. Jasmia quite likes her photo, and so do all the judges. Jonathan says that the setting and the clothes suit her. Then there is Lianna. Paula doesn't like her face in the shot, isn't so hot on her pose, and generally expected more from her. Paula says that everyone has to start working really hard, because the competition is getting tighter and tighter. Lianna tears up and says she really doesn't want to go home. And lo, she doesn't. It's Pouty Amber who gets the axe. She says that she's absolutely devastated. She's not going to give up because she's come this far, and it's the career that she wants. She has some encouraging parting words for Jasmia, who she says can win the competition. Objectively, I have to say, I think Amber might be the prettiest one there. But, as we know, that means nothing in the land of a Top Model competition, in any country! Commercials.

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