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Celia and Sandra are next. Miss J. asks Sandra if her knees are ashy, and is ready to give her the spit off his hand to remedy the situation. She emphatically states that her knees are not ashy. A chimney would deny ashiness, too, with the threat of Jay's spit looming. The judges think that their nannies shot is very editorial and Upper East Side. Miss J. loves it. Nigel doesn't think it has anything to do with nannies, and is glad about it. Sandra gets singled out for having great body language along with attitude in her face. She makes the picture come alive. Celia looks a little stiff in the photo, according to Jill, who agrees that Sandra looks fabulous.

Tahlia, Teyona and Natalie are next. Tyra congratulates Natalie on winning the challenge, and then it's time to evaluate their Times Square photo. The judges really like it. Tyra says that it feels real, but at the same time they're not forgetting that they're models. Miss J. gives Tahlia kudos for looking alive for a change. Tyra says that her face is portraying true joy, not acting. Teyona, on the other hand, is a little toothy. Nigel doesn't buy Natalie in the shot. He says that she looks pretty because she is pretty, but individually she's the weakest and not in the moment.

Finally we have Allison and London as Fifth Avenue frenemies. The judges are lukewarm about it. Tyra says that it was the easiest shot to do, because there are so many pop culture references a la Gossip Girl and Paris Hilton. She thinks it's a "Wah wah wah wha wah weaooooh." Interpret that as you may. Nigel is surprised that Allison doesn't look better. She says that she totally overthought it. Paulina adds that she looks like a hungover Olsen twin in her photo. Allison will take it. Nigel likes the condescending air of London's face, which makes the photo work.

With that, the judges deliberate. Kortnie looks like she might have a little potential, according to Paulina, but Nigel doesn't find the photo artistic or a-MUSE-ing. But I find Nigel punny! Nijah has a beautiful face but is wasting her model potential, according to Tyra. She's just pretty. Horrors. Paulina thinks that Nijah is a yawn. A pretty yawn, but a yawn nonetheless. Aminat has had her first really great shot, according to Nigel, but Jill thinks she looks like the girl next door. If you live in a neighborhood of amazons with attitude. Fo has also become a contender. Sandra's looks fantastic with her crazy blonde hair according to the judges, all of whom love her. Celia is a total model. Maybe not a Top Model, but a model. Natalie was boring in her photo. She's attractive, but it's unclear whether she has Top Model potential. Teyona's pose is funny, toothy and unflattering. Tahlia looks the best she's looked so far. London doesn't look bad in her photo, and Nigel thinks she has beauty potential. Allison can do better, and has. However, Paulina notes that it's rare to get someone who looks that freaky in a good sense. In other words she may have had an off week, but she's a keeper.

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