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Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone's going home. Natalie tells us that she's always nervous about panel because you never know what's going to happen, especially with the competition getting harder. However, she has a feeling that she's going to make it for another week. Allison asks Nijah how she thinks she did. Nijah admits that Mike and Jay weren't feeling it, but she doesn't think she'll be in the bottom two. Allison is nervous even though she did pretty well on the runway. She says you never know how the photos will translate in the judges' eyes. But no matter what the translation, the eyes will be smiling. Ponder that as we head to commercials.

We enter panel with a continuation of Tyra's story: "Once there lived a supermodel who wanted to guide future girls." So she brought them all together in Manhattan where they had the opportunity to nearly get trampled to death. How's that for owning your inner fierceness? "Sometimes getting lost is the only way to be discovered." Lost underneath the boots of some 5'6" shortie trying to make an impression. The sad part is that this is the least of Tyra's crimes against humanity.

Tyra welcomes the girls. There are prizes, there are judges. Jill Stuart is the guest judge for the week. Tyra notes that Jill is one of the top designers in the U.S. and had her first collection sold at Bloomingdale's when she was only 16 years old. Fancy! Tyra is ready to get the party started and says that she hopes judging is as festive as her colorful shirt. It certainly stands no chance of being as terrifying. Tyra explains the concept of the week's shoot, with different groups portraying different scenarios. The girls will be evaluated in their groups, and then broken down individually for their performance in the photo.

Nijah and Kortnie are up first with their Soho artist shot. Miss J. gives immediate stink-eye, and Paulina says there's nothing in it that points to them being artists. Also, Kortnie looks like she has one very small, skinny, boneless, bendy arm, which frankly is kind of freaking me out. Paulina says that the photo is lame. Nigel tells Nijah that she's pulling down the shot for him. She's too model-y, and he doesn't believe it. Tyra agrees that Nijah looks uncomfortable, whereas Kortnie has some vestige of fierceness even with her freaky bend-o-matic arm.

Fo and Aminat are next, and Tyra tells them that they look fantastic. Their photo gets raves, as well. Paulina thinks that they both look outrageously great, and she's finally feeling excited about judging a modeling competition. Tyra thinks that this is Aminat's best shot to date. She's pouting her lips but it doesn't look mean. Fo also looks gorgeous. They win!

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