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Back at the house Tahlia talks to her sister, Marquis. They miss each other a whole bunch, and Tahlia tells Marquis that she really wants to come home. She cries and tells her how hard it is, and how she's not been herself. Marquis says that the whole experience is going to make her stronger, which makes Tahlia cry more. She doesn't know if she's going to be able to make the most of her experience when she can't even be herself. And, she says over a soft pillow of dramatic music, if that means that she must be sent home, so be it. With this, we head to commercials.

And hey! In McKey's newest "My Life as a Cover Girl," she's going on the radio. Even though people can't see her, it's all about looking her best. The fact that she sounds like a complete idiot is beside the point. Look at those rosy cheeks!

And whoa! Tyra Banks is going to be in the Hannah Montana movie! File under "horror."

When we return, there is more Tyra Mail! "Give it your all tomorrow, or you might get thrown under the bus. Love, Tyra." And I thought the girls getting flattened by various modes of transport was something that only happened in my most enjoyable dreams! Tahlia is feeling cheered up after her conversation with her sister, and she's ready to show her confidence for the 15th time this episode. Pipe down and do it, then.

The girls head to parts unknown in their pink plaid limo and meet up with a double-decker bus, from which Jay Manuel emerges. He tells them that as models it's part of their job to tell a story. So they'll be doing their photo shoots on the bus, and their backdrops will be various famous areas of Manhattan. The girls will be divided into groups, and the judges will have to be able to tell from the photo what area they're in and exactly who they're trying to be. Well, we know that they're trying to be future has-beens, so that part's easy. I guess we'll have to Carmen Sandiego the rest. Top Model go-to guy Mike Rosenthal is the photographer for the shoot and tells the girls that he wants to see some big energy.

The girls head to hair, makeup and wardrobe, where Christian, Sutan, Anda, Masha and their minions go to town. A duo of girls are going to be Soho artists, and Sutan says he's never seen anyone that cracked-out in Soho. Fo and Aminat are up first, and Fo says that they have the power bitch look. Aminat corrects her that they're power women, because bitches don't sport the Emily Dickinson meets Antoine Merriweather look they have going on. They are Wall Street brokers. On crack. In Narnia. Jay tells them that it's all about them doing their thing on Wall Street and still making that money. They have laptops and cell phones and they banter with each other in a cracked-out-businessperson way, which all the recently homeless brokers are probably totally doing exactly like that. All in all, Fo and Aminat seem to do a pretty good job.

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