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London is next and tells us that she got so into the music that avoiding obstacles of the model and hydrant variety became second nature. Kortnie is next, and I think we can all just be happy that Jill Stuart had something to fit her. Then there's Nijah. She's confident and excited and dead-eyed as usual. She thinks she made an impression, but Miss J. just shakes his head and makes an especially egregious crazy face. Allison tells us that she's scared of narrow spaces and fears like she's going to veer off the runway. I guess this is to build tension, since it's not Allison's turn to walk yet. Instead Aminat goes to little fanfare, followed by Sandra. Teyona goes and is fine, and then Allison busts through the doors that lead to the runway wearing sheer black harem pants. Now I have a fear of sheer black harem pants. Allison tells us that she was practically having a panic attack. Luckily the pants provided superior ventilation, so she did not pass out while catwalking. She looks bad, but again it's mostly the pants. Then there's Fo, who's cute and sassy and gets props from J. for incorporating the advice he gave her during the teach. With that, the show is over! No one fell, which is good for them and sad for us.

Backstage, the girls get their evaluations. Jill tells Celia that she looked angelic opening the show. Fo had a big personality. Ann thought that Teyona was a bit stiff, and looked especially rigid in her very flowy dress. Jill thought that Allison was cute and quirky, and J. gives her props for taking the advice that he gave. Allison is proud of herself. Natalie had a beautiful walk and looked great in the clothes and had great confidence and strength. However, there was the WTF twirl moment. Tahlia's walk was a bit weak, according to Jill, and J. tells her that she needs to show a bit more confidence. He thinks she doesn't feel like she belongs there. Tahlia confessionalizes that she's trying to bring out her true self, but she's uncomfortable and it's showing. Nijah looked very pretty and feminine, according to Jill, but her walk could have been stronger. Miss J. says that pretty doesn't get you down the runway sometimes. Nor does it get you the title of America's Next Top Model. I enjoy that Tyra has been moderately successful in beating down the plentiful self-confidence of all the pretty girls in the world. In the end, Natalie and Celia are the best two, and the winner will get clothes personally picked by Jill from her collection. And the winner is...Natalie. Despite the twirl. Aminat looks like she just chewed some stank jerky. Ann says that it's a testament to Natalie's strength that despite the twirl she came through and outshone the others. Yes, she's so BRAVE. An inspiration to women everywhere, if you ask me. Natalie crows that even though she messed up her walk was still better than the other girls', which she deems intimidating.

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