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The girls return. There are 11 of them, but Tyra only has ten photos in her hand. And the first photo goes to the girl with the best shot of the week -- Sandra. Happily, she wasn't a total pill this episode, so we don't have to be mad about it. Aminat gets a photo next, followed by Tahlia, Fo, Celia, Kortie, London, Teyona, and Natalie. This leaves Allison and Nijah in the final two. Allison is different and interesting and freaky, which the judges find special. But her photo was not special. Was her earlier good performance a fluke? The thought of it makes the judges depressed. Nijah, meanwhile, is a beautiful girl, but has been going downhill since the first week. She has no shine in her eyes and no tension in her body. So who stays? Allison, duh. Nijah is heading back to Prettyville. And she totally holds it together and is graceful and cute in her exit, despite the fact that Tyra yells, "Push! Tension! Strong!" at her as she walks out of the room. She packs and interviews that she's disappointed in herself, and it hurts to say goodbye. Her eyes have been opened to a lot of things in this competition, namely that she has to work on her eyes. Meta! She says that this is only the beginning and will open a lot of doors for her. Maybe she'll even end up on one of those "Top Models in Action" spots in seasons to come! It's good to have dreams.

Next week: The girls pose in front of an audience of drag queens! And Celia has some sort of problem with somebody.

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