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Joslyn's rock slide photo is next. Miss J. notes that Joslyn seems to be slipping, and not because she has a rock under her foot. He doesn't see the energy that she used to bring. Brian chimes in and says it was a real struggle to do this shot. Nigel agrees that Joslyn is now a mess and needs to reach back and find the energy and fire she brought to her shots during the first weeks. Then there's heat wave McKey, who is wearing a pair of high waisted jeans that are so ugly they look as if Kenley designed them. McKey gets my vote for an appearance on What Not To Wear. Nigel, who is awfully salty this week, says that McKey could have done a lot more with the photo. Tyra really likes it, but says that McKey could have been more extreme in her portrayed heat fatigue. She needs to remember the theme and tell the story.

Tyra is so fucking over this shit that she mocks the contestants as she tells them one of them will be leaving and does a little dance to lead us into the judges' deliberation. Marjorie has taken direction and gotten less twitchy, but might have lost some of herself in the process, according to Nigel. Paulina says that Marjorie has improved on a weekly basis. She adds that it takes a bit of time to assimilate. Like the ten years in which Marjorie has been living in the U.S.? Paulina acts like she just stepped off of the boat. Nigel notes that Paulina jumps to Marjorie's defense every week and Paulina just says, "I do." I kind of love that. Lauren Brie is pretty but cheesy. Sam's photo is gorgeous, even if she's a ham. And ham rhymes with Sam, in your pie hole you can cram a rack of lamb. Damn. Clark kind of sucks this week. Tyra says that she's a mediocre kind of good, which cannot be construed as a compliment. Elina has a strong face but could do so much better if she would just let go. Sheena's picture, and Sheena herself, are sparky and spunky and spicy according to Nigel. Paulina agrees in terms of Sheena's personality, but says this has no bearing on her looks. Paulina is also concerned that Analeigh is not photogenic. Joslyn's inner fug is shining through, even if the judges do enjoy her personality. Tyra thinks that Joslyn has potential, but Paulina points out that her good early pictures all featured the same darn pose. McKey could be meltier, like so many half-cooked grilled cheese sandwiches. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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