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Beautiful Disaster

Marjorie is up first for evaluation. Paulina loves her traffic jam photo, and says it's very fun. She notes that Marjorie is very shy, and has something tremendously large to prove. Marjorie says that she thinks it's important to be vulnerable in life, and so is trying something at which she's not naturally apt. Nigel likes the photo as well, and says that it all works. Tyra thinks that Marjorie was "pretty" for too long - and we all know that this is the dirtiest insult one could get on this show - but eventually she got to some good shots. Tyra wants to see her taking more chances. Lauren Brie's snowstorm is next. Brian notes that she tended to be a bit pose-y in her shoot. Paulina says that because Lauren Brie is so used to taking pretty pictures, she thinks she doesn't have to do as much. However, she actually has to do more now to reach the next level. Tyra reports Mr. Jay's critique that Lauren Brie was stiff and needed to let go. I think they just don't want to make it seem like Lauren Brie is wiping the floor with her competition so they have to throw in some negative remarks for a couple of weeks.

Samantha's tidal wave shot is next, and Miss J. loves her body and her face. The other judges agree. Nigel says that Sam contorted her body and made it work, which means she can model. Clark's blackout photo is next. Tyra says that Clark got stuck on pretty, and wasn't thinking about being a blackout at all. Paulina thinks that Clark looks too into her own legs. Jay reported that Clark wasn't committing 100%, which is like the second deadly sin after resting on pretty. Elina's earthquake is next. Paulina really likes her face, saying she looks intense and slightly mean but also beautiful. Tyra tells her that this is the definition of "ugly pretty," which is something we should all aspire too.

Next we have Sheena, whose panel outfit is busted. The judges tell her so in quick order. However, her sandstorm photo gets a positive review. Nigel says that she's having fun with it and he likes it. Brian tells Sheena that her energy would come and go, and she should try to keep it consistent throughout a shoot. Analeigh is next as the Santa Ana Winds. Nigel isn't blown away by the photo (punny!) but says that it's cute. Her face, however, could pack a bit more punch. Paulina, however is a big fan. Miss J. agrees with Nigel and says that Analeigh could give a little extra in the face. Tyra tells Analeigh that her film this week was fantastic, yo.

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