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Beautiful Disaster

Elina is up first. She's an earthquake, and is quite happy about it because it's such a passionate and angry type of natural disaster. She thinks she'll do well. On set, Jay has to tell her to do something that's not so controlled. For her last frame she punches the road, and he seems surprised when he says it's not that bad. Sheena is next as a sandstorm. "Y'all ready to get dirty?" she asks. And yet Jay doesn't have to scream "hoochie" even once! Methinks Sheena is improving. Jay tells her that she gave him a lot of variety, and he can't ask for more. Clark is up next. She says that she's feeling confident, especially after being called first last week. We'll see where that Southern-style confidence gets her. Clark is a blackout. Jay just kind of shakes his head, then tells her that she's not committing to it 100%. He also tells her that what she's doing is not pretty. Jay notes that Clark didn't bring the energy that she needed onto set. He'd rather a girl have too much energy and pull it back than to have to pull energy out of a girl. Clark stumbles off on her giant wedge heels.

Lauren Brie is a snowstorm. Jay tells her that she's throwing the snow and then posing, when the snow should be part of the shot. She makes some adjustments and Jay makes no more comments. Joslyn is next as a rock slide. She says that last week she kind of stunk, so this week she's trying to bring a different sort of versatility. Jay explains that being a rockslide sometimes means that you look like you're going to throw a rock. He interviews that last week was Joslyn's worst shoot to date, and it doesn't seem like she's come back to life. Jay tells her that she needs to go back to where she was on the first photo shoots and be more creative. Joslyn worries that Jay thinks she's not improving, but tells us that she's really trying her hardest. Analeigh is next as the Santa Ana winds. She gets compliments from everyone on set, and at the end of the shoot Jay tells her that she did a good job. McKey is next in a super short dress that Anda and Masha tell her not to bend down in. She gives them a little butt in the face for giggles. McKey, of course, will have the extra 50 frames from her challenge to use as she portrays a heat wave. Jay exclaims, "Well! We finally have a model show up to set." McKey thinks that Jay responded positively to the way she interacted with the set. Indeed, Jay says that McKey was amazing and didn't even need the extra frames.

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