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Beautiful Disaster

Okay, but back to the challenge. Paulina sums up the world of modeling thusly, "Your job consists of having hideous clothes and trying to make them look better." Kick ass. The winner of this challenge will get 50 extra frames on her photo shoot, which is of course a big advantage. First, however, Paulina is going to tell the girls who did the worst. It's Sam, who botched her outfit beyond repair. Sam, being a true American, is no baby about this. She just shrugs her shoulders and moves on. The winner of the challenge is McKey. She's stoked, and thinks this will help her be more creative in her shoots. I don't know that there are as many opportunities to put cans in your butt as she thinks, but we'll see.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. "Are you a force of nature, a devastating beauty, or a total disaster? Love, Tyra." The girls all think that their shoot is going to have something to do with natural disasters. Most of the girls - the American girls, I should say - are quite excited and Joslyn in particular says it sounds really cool and different. Marjorie, however, looks nervous. She interviews that it's an interesting concept, but sounds difficult to express. She pensively says, "I don't know what a natural disaster...really looks like." Girl, turn on the Weather Channel once in a while.

Meanwhile, still at the house, the girls all sit around and listen to Marjorie drone on and on with her standard European negativity. She says that standing in front of Paulina was intimidating, and she got flustered and crashed. Sam rolls her eyes, and the other girls engage in a chorus of positivity. If only Hannah were there to tell her to pick up her beans and keep on rolling. Marjorie says that she has no reason to feel good about it. Joslyn interviews about "poor Marjorie," saying that she has had a tough week. She adds that knowing Marjorie's nerves, she's probably had several tough weeks. And then she cracks up. I think Joslyn has enough positive energy for her and Marjorie and all of Europe, so let's just call it even and move on. Oh, but no. Marjorie says that she started off as the weakest. This is totally not true, and even Analeigh starts to get annoyed. She tells Marjorie that that's all in her head. Marjorie argues that it isn't and says that on the last shoot her film was messy and disappointing. We cut to an interview with Marjorie, in which she says that her parents were raised in France, and always focused on the negative. So to her it's just second nature, she says, and it feels like "a mild form of realism." I think that Marjorie can be as negative as she wants, but I can see how it would get annoying. A punch in the throat is also a mild form of realism, which she may soon discover.

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