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Beautiful Disaster

Nine beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos. And the first photo, which is the best for the week, belongs to Samantha. She looks especially like a cockatiel as she goes to collect her photo. Tyra then calls Analeigh, McKey, Elina, Marjorie, Lauren Brie and Sheena. This of course leaves Clark and Joslyn in the bottom two. Joslyn's strong start has drizzled away and the judges wonder if she's losing her fire. Clark's photos are good but not fantastic, and plus she sucks as a human being. That last part might be me editorializing. In the end Joslyn's personality saves her for another week and it's Clark who is sent home. Clark starts crying like the whiny bitch that she is and Tyra totally doesn't care. In her exit interview, Clark continues to cry. She can't believe she's leaving, but at the same time feels blessed to have gotten this opportunity, thanks to the bitch face she put on during casting. This has been the best experience of her life, she says, and she'd give up anything to do it again. I wouldn't speak so loudly, Clark - Tyra's shoe closet is littered with the firstborns of wannabe models.

Next week: Signature posing class with Tyra, and Elina is forced to cry real tears!

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