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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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We enter hour two of the premiere with a reminder of… DUDES! And wigs. Bad, bad wigs. There is much celebrating amongst the semi-final 26, and Marvin tells us that he's wanted to be a model ever since he was a little kid. He's hoping that he'll be somebody's Rob Evans, or Marvin Cortez to somebody. I mean…isn't he Marvin Cortez to everybody? Marvin is adorable, but perhaps not the sharpest tool on Schneider's belt. Anyhoo, Bryanboy tells the 26 contestants not to get too comfortable, because ten of them will be sent packing soon. But first they get to run through the house and stake a claim on beds. Cory tells us that he wants to see what the girls have got, and that they'd better not put him in heels or he'll put their walks to shame. If he becomes the first contestant ever to appear on both Top Model and RuPaul's Drag Race (not counting Raja, who was Top Model staff), I will buy him the eyeliner of his choice.

Renee pinpoints Jourdan as her major competition, and then we get to hear a little about Phil's background. He's always struggled with money, and has been couch surfing for some time. He misses his girlfriend Zoe, who is a fashion designer, and who invested in him when he was homeless. He wants to prove to her that he was worth the investment. Phil: more serious than he first appears. Also: very happy to have the access to free food. Alexandra tells a few of the girls that she's getting her business marketing degree, and extols the virtues of hard work and empire-building. Tyra ought to like that.

Alexandra is getting on Jourdan's nerves, because she doesn't seem genuine. The pot just said to the kettle, "What's up with all that soot?" We get to hear more about how Marvin's dad is a janitor, and how Marvin doesn't want to let his dad or his brothers down. As a first step in making the family proud, he's macking on all the girls. So is Don, who says that even though he has a girlfriend the temptation of all the beautiful ladies in the house is tough. He adds, "I just don't want it get it miscon-screwed." Or DOES he. I'd say Freudian slip, but I think he's just not clear on certain basic vocabulary points.

We get a little footage of Nina dropping her hula hoop in the pool. She tells us that since she's the quirky edgy one, the blonde girls aren't her competition. Rather, her competition is Virgg, who has been killing it and is a beautiful woman. Virgg talks about her lack of modeling experience with Cory, then tells us that her sex reassignment surgery is scheduled and she just started hormone replacement therapy a month ago. What hormone replacement therapy does is cram all of puberty into one year, leading to some up and down emotions. And, I'd imagine, some crazy pimples. Cory interviews that Virgg is dealing with stuff that not everyone will understand, but deserves to go to the top because she's beautiful. Virgg cries, and tells us that she's trying to push through even though physically she feels weak. She's afraid she won't be able to deliver on the shoots, and doesn't want to let Tyra down, especially since Tyra hand picked her as part of the Instagram contest. Tyra will never have to pull an, "I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this!" maneuver with Virgg, at least. (Side note: How have I never seen this before?)

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