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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 1

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Previously on America's Next Top Model: No boys allowed! We had nineteen seasons of estrogen, but now things have changed. Including, I'm sad to say, the quality of Tyra's wigs. Is she coming out with her own busted wig line? Is it lower rent than Star Jones wigs? In any caseā€¦DUDES! We get several seconds of long, lingering muscle shots and hear a few guys tell us that they want to be on top. Oooooh, is that soooooo? Tyra outlines the prizes and then confirms that there will only be one winner. It will be her, if she can find a decent wig again. I feel like this is some Jay Manuel hoodoo being enacted right before our eyes.

Anyway! The Top Model team scoured warehouses throughout the country to find their top 35 semi-finalists. We see male supermodel and judge Rob Evans and photo shoot creative consultant Johnny Wujek watching people strut down a makeshift runway at a casting call in L.A. Jeremy, 19 and from Mission Viejo, CA (whose purity status will soon be unveiled) tells us that a lot of the dudes at the casting aren't "guy-guys." They're feminine, as opposed to him, who lifts weights and watches football and does not have sex with ladies. Oh, wait.

Casting boys was so epic that Tyra made a stop at callbacks in New York City. There was much screaming and hullaballoo, and she explained that she was making an appearance at this early stage because she's "so" "excited" about this XX/XY situation. I think she thinks that she invented men. The contestants strip down to their underwear and walk for Tyra, because it is her professional responsibility to watch half-naked young people. We see her ask Chris H., about whom we will learn a LOT in the coming hours, why he wants to be a model. He says that life has been hard on him, in part because his mom had him when she was fifteen. He cites an apparently well-known saying that I have never heard before -- "fall down seven times, get up eight." What if you fall an eighth time, though? What do you do then? Blonde and excitable Alexandra tells us that she got rear-ended in New York City and spent eight hours in the emergency room. That did not stop her from putting pancake on her bruises and strutting her hot bod in front of Tyra, though! Triumph of the spirit!

From the comfort of her own closet, Tyra calls the 35 semi-finalists personally to let them know they've moved on to the next stage of this charade, and we see grainy video showing their excitement. "Are you ready for the first ever guys and girls Top Model?" asks Tyra. No. No I am not. It's freaking AUGUST and I want to enjoy my FRIDAY NIGHTS. Gah.

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