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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Makeovers! Terra was not feeling her new 'do, or her place in the competition. She got the surprise mid-episode axe. The girls went to the beach for a photo shoot in which they were fallen angels. While Ann continued to clean up, Sara had no idea how to work her eyebrow-free face and was sent home. Eleven bitches remain!

We begin the episode with the girls admiring Ann's second consecutive best-of-week photo, which contains praise including: "I felt the longing" "Sensitive" and, in really big print, "Uber Fabulous." That last one was ALT. Although I enjoy Ann, I still am not convinced that this is a great photo. That toothpick leg and awkward foot! Come on! She looks like a broken down marionette, which is not pretty. To her credit, Ann seems very humble about the whole thing. Lexie reminds us that she was in the bottom two last week, and we flash back to Tyra deeming her photo "deaditorial." This is a crucial week for Lexie, who needs to excel or go home. And even if she makes it another week, I mean, tick tock with this one.

The girls relax in their beachfront home, and Chris and Liz toss Jane on her bed. Ann laughs from the sidelines. This is enough of a segue to move to Kayla telling Rhianna that, though she knows they're friends, she can't handle a third week of Ann. She doesn't specify if she means Ann in general, or Ann having the best photo, but I'm guessing it's the latter. Although maybe her warlock erotica is getting out of hand. Rhianna tells us that she likes Ann, but Ann is her competition. What's more, they're sort of considered twins by virtue of both being tall and lanky and having similar hair and being very strange. Ann has better taste in hats, though, even though she doesn't wear hats at all. Rhianna tells Kayla and Esther that she's scared, because she's standing up there (on a photo shoot? In front of the judges?) not knowing what's right or wrong. What happened to all of her prickly pear bush inspiration? Tulip blossoms! Venus flytrap! Liz tells us that Rhianna isn't changing it up in her photo shoots, and is getting overwhelmed. Liz wants to shake Rhianna and tell her that -- not having a kid, and not having to work on minimum wage jobs, and not being on food stamps -- she has it pretty good. Liz claims that she probably wants to win this competition more than the other girls. Use condoms, everyone! And don't be poor!

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