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And then there's Sara. As she's getting outfitted in a fab metallic dress, Pamela says, "She's the one that's going to be a challenge." Poor Sara! Pamela instructs the crew to make her hair even spikier. Sara's reaction is, "Really? I can't get a wig or something? Like...?" She's posing with Mikaela, who is in a very shiny green dress. Lori tells Mikaela to always remember the camera, because her eyes are off and closed in a lot of pictures. Finally, somebody speaks the truth! I guess Mikaela and Sara are friends, because they're happy to be posing with each other. Sadly for them, they look really awkward. Pamela says they look like robots, and is even inspired to make a robot noise. Or maybe she's speaking French. Jay tells Lori that they don't know what to do with one another. Lori tells us that they just weren't getting what they were supposed to do, and it was like the blind leading the blind. I don't think she's specifically referring to Mikaela's eye situation here. Sara tries to do a cute leap, and then twists her ankle and almost face-plants. Pamela and Lori's final assessment? "It was hard." Mikaela tells us that she doesn't know what's going on with Sara. She has potential and her look is really different, but she doesn't believe in herself enough to do it. Eventually this dynamic duo gets some usable shots, and Pamela happily gets to stop photographing them.

Brittani and Hannah are paired next, in really romantic gowns and weird hats. Brittani's kind of looks like a really big lobster claw. Pamela tells the girls that they don't have to hold hands, and then Jay suggests that they talk to each other. They act kind of stupid, and Jay asks if they're talking about something that genuinely makes them giggle or are forcing it. Brittani admits that she's forcing it. Jay suggests that she think of something to genuinely make her laugh, but apparently Brittani is no fan of humor. She goes for a serious expression that Pamela calls contrived. Lori then says that something the two girls are doing looks horrible. Brittani, in her lobster claw hat, says that it's really hard to portray something that's not real. Tears fill her eyes as she explains that she was trying to get to a place where she was laughing, but that only made her more upset because she was disappointed in herself. Is it that hard to think of something funny? When you're wearing a lobster claw hat? Eventually Hannah and Brittani do something that works, so all hope is not lost.

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