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The girls head backstage, and the fashion selection is indeed pretty impressive. Hannah gets fitted in a Carolina Herrera gown, and has to take pains not to drool all over it. Lori outfits Monique and then says, "Look, Pammy. A little John Galliano never hurt anybody." Except maybe for those who weren't such big fans of Hitler. Make-up artist Molly Stern asks Alexandria if she's modeled before, and Alexandria replies that this isn't her first rodeo. She's so gross. Hairstylist Michael Kanyon tries to figure out what to do with Molly. Molly interviews that she's definitely a little beaten down because of her hairstyle, but she's hoping that the hair team can make it look decent for a photo. They do actually seem to make it look not completely disgusting. Victory!

Molly is first to shoot, along with her photo-mate Kasia. Molly notes that they both have blonde hair and blue eyes, but their personalities are very different. While Kasia is very girly, Molly has more of an angry streak to her. So we've seen! Both girls are wearing fanciful hats, which certainly helps with the weave situation. Jay tells us that the photo started off a bit awkward, like the girls couldn't find a way to make their two dresses work together. They also look petrified to touch each other. Jay directs them a bit more, and things improve. Pamela likes Molly's body language, and Jay tells us that she dominated the photo. They get big kudos from Pamela, and Jay says that they have the shot.

Next, we see Alexandria complaining about how much it hurts to have her hair done. The stylist tells her that she's super sensitive. He rolls his eyes behind his very dark sunglasses as she sheds a single tear fit to lubricate the world's tiniest violin. Dominique tells us that Alexandria's always bitching, and then does an excellent impression that features a bratty voice going, "Oh my Goood! My haiiiiir!" The stylist tells her that he's not going to touch her hair too much, so she doesn't get cranky. She denies being cranky, which is futile at this point. Dominique says that Alexandria always has to be the center of attention. As it turns out, Alexandria also has a pimple on her lip. It is the zit of karma!

Alexandria and Monique pose together, and as Alexandria acts completely put out by her zit, Monique asks to see it, I think in an attempt to be helpful. Alexandria shuts her right down in a very nasty way. Monique thinks that Alexandria is such a bitch, and that her rudeness right before the shoot is only going to kill their chemistry. Lori notices the goings-on, and says that Alexandria got a little cranky and fidgety. Sitting around in expensive clothes is very hard work, Lori says, and so Alexandria has to learn to relax. The shoot doesn't start off so well, and Jay tells Monique that he can see from her face that she's feeling awkward. Alexandria of course takes charge and tells Monique to think doe-eyed, and then proceeds to give an example of it that looks insane. Jay tells us that when Monique doesn't like something she pouts. If both Monique and Alexandria were scheduled to go before a firing squad and you had the option to save one, you might not even use it. Jay tells Monique that this should be a fantasy, and Lori adds that it should be playful. Monique is frustrated both by Alexandria's bitchiness and Jay's criticism. She snits, "I know what I'm doing." Jurors, I direct you to exhibit A: this show. Alexandria thinks that she was outshining Monique. Of course. Eventually, Pamela just gets tired of shooting them and says that she's got the photo.

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