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In the limo ride home, Molly gives the most severe stinkeye to no one in particular. I guess she's just giving it to the universe. The other girls try to comfort her, and she replies that she's not trying to be an asshole but she's pissed off. And then she confessional rants: "My hair is disgusting. My whole head hurts, my ass hurts, I sat in a goddamn chair for six fucking hours." Methinks Molly has a rage-o-holic side! This can only reap great rewards as the season progresses. I mean, she has a right to be mad, but still. She complains to the others that her weavologist stabbed her in the head with needles all day. Alexandria points out that she knew her lady was fucked up too, and that Molly should have stood up and told her to stop doing her hair. In an interview, Alexandria cackles about the fact that Molly just sat there and let it happen. She has a point, but then again the pain in the ass girls always get called out for their behavior during makeovers. It would be hard to know what to do, unless you were a bossy nit like Alexandria and couldn't help yourself. Someone tells Molly that her hair is pretty, and Molly replies that it might be pretty if you couldn't see her own hair where it meets the tracks braided into her scalp. She's got a point. It's like the weave starts an inch back from her head. The other girls finally give up pretending and just laugh at it. Brittani tells us that she feels bad for Molly, but at the same time if the hair ruins her that's just one less competitor to worry about. And that's how you can be ruthless without resorting to being a total dick.

Back at the house, Dominique is still surprised that she got her hair colored. However, she's embraced it and thinks that her red, kinky locks will help to make her even more unique. There is Tyra Mail: "Tomorrow you'll learn all about photosynthesis. Love, Tyra." Sara predicts that they'll be dressed as flowers, and that she'll be a skunkweed. It's a good thing she can joke about true facts. As it happens, Sara is still upset that she didn't get long hair. Even after looking at Molly? She says that you can use long hair as a shield or an accessory, and not having it is giving her a huge amount of stress. Sara tells us that it's hard not to be intimidated by the other beautiful girls who photograph well. She feels like dirty Smeagol in the corner, trying not to be jealous. There, there, precious.

The girls head out in their limo to Orcutt Estate Ranch, which looks to be a very lovely place. Mr. Jay greets the girls, dressed in finery. He tells the girls that they are in the presence of royalty today, and introduces fashion photographer Pamela Hanson. She has shot for all sorts of Vogues, and Jay says that she's a creative visionary. Fashion stylist Lori Goldstein is also there. You'll remember her for dressing the girls like demented hipsters last season. Today, however, will be all about couture. The girls are very excited, and Kasia tells us that models who are working every day don't get to do this kind of stuff. There's one additional element to the shoot, which is that the girls will be posing in groups. In the world of high fashion, designers are all looking to see who can be their next campaign girl. Thus, the model who is in a photo with you is not your friend -- she is your competitor. The girls should try to outlast and outshine each other to the death.

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