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Meanwhile, Mikaela gets long black extensions that look awesome. How did she get so lucky? She has been looking for something to propel her in the modeling world, and tells us that the other girls should be looking out for her in this competition. She manages to take her post-makeover photo with open eyes, which is certainly an improvement. Kasia is getting wild, crazy, crimped, frizzy, curly hair. So she too gets extensions, but I guess there is more natural hair involved and so she doesn't have to go through a Molly-esque ordeal. Her hair is big, and she loves it. For the second time she says it's wild and crazy, and then says that SHE is wild and crazy too, so it fits her. If Kasia were actually wild and crazy, I believe we would have seen much more of her so far this season.

Dalya is next and is also getting extensions. Whither the long hair this season? I have to say it's a bit of a disappointment. The short cuts usually get the most tears, and there's nothing more fun than cutting a prima donna off at the knees by cutting her off at the roots. Dalya tells us that her parents raised her to be reserved with her body, because it's a temple. She wants to be subtle with her posing, and also perhaps remain a virgin. Dalya thinks that her new hair makes her look more modelesque. It certainly accentuates her jaw.

Hannah gets highlights and also has her eyebrows lightened. Given that Hannah has my dream hair, this is one instance where I am glad that they didn't mess with it. Hannah thinks that she's now much more luscious and sexy, and that that will help her confidence a lot in the competition.

And then we go back to Molly, who is looking more like a demented troll doll version of Dee Snyder than ever. Laurent D. and another stylist work to make Molly's hair look somewhat presentable. In the end, he does make it look kind of decent, especially if you only look at it with your peripheral vision. Jay tells Molly that this really is Tyra's vision for her, and that she has to treat Tyra as the client. In other words, for the love of God do not point out the fact that Tyra's ideas are terrible to her face. It's the emperor's new weave. Jay tells her to prove to the client that she can own that look. Molly's picture turns out okay, because with a wind machine you can't really tell what's crazy and what's just airborne. But she is still not happy. She says she loves the idea of Diana Ross as a blonde, but the execution was horrible. It's difficult to argue with this.

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