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With this, it's time for the judges to deliberate. Monique has a very old school, dreamy quality to her, but Alexandria works it. She nailed her photo, but the fact that she's fussy, fidgety, and bothersome is a problem. Hannah and Brittani both stand out in their photo. Hannah came alive to Nigel, and Lori says that Brittani became a star with her makeover. Tyra says that Brittani is a dream. Jaclyn's picture is extraordinary -- dreamy, ethereal, southern belle, Gone With the Wind. Dalya has also done well. ALT says that Dominique is obviously problematic in this photo, because no model should say to a creative director that she's thinking of nothing. Nigel says that she's not the brightest spark, and Tyra conjectures that she's overwhelmed. Lori says that you have to be in control of your beauty, and Mikaela and her closed eyes were quite awkward. ALT doesn't see the impact of beauty in Sara, but Nigel says that she's better than the photo shows. Lori adds that Sara doesn't know her potential. Kasia and Molly are stunning. Lori says that Molly is fabulous, and worked effortlessly but with awareness. Kasia has a swan-like neck, and both she and Molly reach the level of swandom. And with that, the judges have made their decisions.

Eleven girls, twelve photos. The first name that Tyra is going to call is Alexandria, who has the best picture of the week. This is not a popular choice. Tyra tells her to shape up with the attitude. Molly is the runner up for best photo, and will get a redone weave as a prize. Brittani is called next, followed by Kasia, Jaclyn, Hannah, Monique, Dalya, and Mikaela. This leaves Sara and Dominique in the bottom two. These are the two quirky beauties of the bunch. The judges think that Sara has a lot of potential, but she lacks confidence. They're not sure if she believes that she can be amazing. Dominique is another interesting, odd, beauty. But freckles don't make the model. It comes from the inside out. So who stays in this competition? Dirty Smeagol. Sara gets a photo, and Dominique is toast. Dominique says that she's going to go to every agency that she can think of, and Tyra tells her that she should practice in the mirror first.

Dominique tells us that she had a great personality, but it didn't show. Show not tell, people! It's the golden rule. This is the first time that Dominique has attempted to model, but she's not giving up now. She thinks that she can be a great asset to the industry.

Next week: pyrotechnics! Someone may be burned alive. Also, a coffee commercial!

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