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Nigel declares that Dalya, Jaclyn and Dominque's photo is gorgeous and slightly Alice in Wonderland-esque. Dalya and Jaclyn both look gorgeous. Lori tells Jaclyn that she hopes she has range, because this was her moment. Sadly for Dominique, she looks unusual and like she doesn't fit in with the other two girls. Lori says that she could see Dominqiue's struggle on set. She felt lost and like an outsider, and lost herself a bit. Tyra tells us that Dominique looked like her spirit was gone in her film. Dominique tells them about her dearth of thoughts, which made her feel like she was messing up. Nigel tells her that this was her moment to actually get a thought. Solid advice. He says that she shouldn't let everything bring her down. Critique can pick you up, he says, so she should take it and use it.

Mikaela and Sara are next. Lori says that Mikaela looks beautiful and has extraordinary bone structure, but her eyes were perpetually closed during this shoot. Tyra tells Mikaela to smack the photographer upside his head through the lens with her eyes. That would require some Go-Go Gadget eyes, and also be quite frightening. ALT says that Sara looks like she just got caught on camera at the party. Nigel says that it's only okay for him but not brilliant, and that the shot looses her cool chic-ness, her differentness, and her modernity. He loves her in front of him, though. Tyra says that there's something about the planes of Sara's face that the camera loves, and she needs to own that and realize what she has.

Finally, there is Kasia and Molly. Tyra notes that Molly's weave looks a little crazy, and Molly takes off her head wrap to show Tyra the full extent of the damage. Tyra says that there's a weave malfunction going on, and that sometimes things go a bit awry. If Molly sticks around, she says, they'll do something about it. And if she's eliminated they're going to make her go through airport security with that shit? Happily, Molly and Kasia's photo is gorgeous. Nigel says that Molly is striking, and super-cool. He's not 100% sure about Kasia, though, and says that it looks really dark inside of her open mouth. What a strange thing to say. Not quite as bad as the time he compared someone's mouth to a cat anus, but still weird. Tyra tells him to stop hating, and that Kasia's open mouth is stunning. ALT loves the photo, and thinks it's the best of all. Molly looks like a strong warrior sister, and Kasia looks like the good girl uptown sister. Lori says that this was also her favorite photo. They were shooting couture, and both girls shone.

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