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Jaclyn tells us that Alexandria thinks she runs everyone and can tell everyone what to do. Jaclyn doesn't want to sound like a mean, rude person, but there's a point where you start to cross the line. Strong words! Again! Alexandria says that some of the girls are intimidated by her, because she's so strong. Of course she enjoys that, and simply says, "Be scared. I could be scary." Alexandria relaxes in bed reading a little book called God Calling. Amazon's product description says, "Here is a devotional that will bring the reality of God and His constant concern for you into your heart every day of the year. It will help you overcome your daily worries and draw you ever closer to the peace you seek." Think about how much this is working as we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. Tyra greets Lori warmly and compliments her styling. She then hugs ALT, who says she smells good. Tyra makes it clear to us that, for today at least, she's not funky. She greets the girls. There are prizes, there are judges. ALT is still wearing that giant makeup brush on his hat. Lori Goldstein is the guest judge, and Tyra notes that she's styled over 60 Italian Vogue covers and has been a contributing editor for Vogue and Allure.

Monique and Alexandria are first to go before panel. Monique says that she thinks they did well. Tyra points out that many models, as they get to a certain point in their career, refuse to do doubles. Tyra always accepted them, and then proceeded to upstage the bitch. ALT says that the photo is stunning, and they both look great. Neither upstages the other. Nigel says that he can see personality in Monique's eyes, which was missing before. He radiates toward Alexandria, even though her pose is contrived. Lori says that Alexandria nailed it in every shot. When she wasn't on camera, however, she got cranky, and Lori says that photographers in the business have no time for that. Nigel tells her that she can't afford to be a diva at this point. Alexandria tries to look as innocent and inoffensive as possible in response.

Hannah and Brittani are next. Tyra notes that she's never assigned any girl the Dutch boy bob, and tells Brittani that she looks amazing. The duo photo is gorgeous, and Nigel says that the whole shot works in so many ways. He loves Hannah's body language, and says that it's her first true fashion shot. ALT says that both girls capture the high couture. Brittani is giving total high glossy glamor, and with her new hair could show up at Steven Meisel's door and do a spread. Tyra loves Lori's styling, which involves tough chick gloves with a chiffon dress. Tyra says that Brittani and Hannah are working together, and it makes her happy.

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