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Previously on America's Next Top Model: Alexandria and Dalya couldn't agree over raw chicken storage techniques. Jaclyn told us that she stays out of Alexandria's way, because she's scary. Two of Ondrei's brothers died, one quite recently, and she started to wonder if she was ready to be in the competition. Eventually, she decided to leave. However, Ondrei's photo (shot with a supporting cast of tens of bees) wasn't the worst of the bunch, and so old-looking Nicole got the boot as well. At least now we'll have an easier time remembering who Molly is. Eleven bitches remain!

The girls return to their abode after panel and Hannah is pleased to see her best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. Her gloating time, however, is short-lived as the girls' attention is drawn to a giant cord that says, "Pull Me." I think everyone would be totally okay with Alexandria falling down a giant rabbit hole right now. When pulled, a rolled-up projection screen-ish thing is released, and the girls see that it has phrases on it like, "Add a few gentle waves," "Longer, straighter, blonder!" and "Think Pocahontas." Pocahontas is like, "Can you please leave me out of this?" The girls quickly deduce that it's makeover time and try to guess who's going to get what. Sara, through a correct but Debbie Downer-esque instinct, states that she's certain the "manly, short brown spikes" makeover will be hers. She is not happy about this. Sara tells us that she's very androgynous, and enjoys that as part of her identity, but would sometimes like the option of being feminine. Well, then she shouldn't have shown up wearing a sports bra and rat tail. Sara confessionalizes, "Give me a weave!" Once she sees what happens to Molly, she may count her manly blessings.

Dominique tells us that she's still working on her confidence in her photo shoots. Having so many people on set (and Alexandria at home) offering critique is tough for her, and the negative comments in particular eat her alive. She's hoping that the new look will help her, and show that she's not just a blank canvas with freckles. Monique tells the others that she hopes she doesn't get the "Dutch boy" look. She confessionalizes in a whiny voice (whinier than normal, even!) that she really likes her hair and doesn't want to cut it. She pets it like a bunny while she says this and generally looks a little touched. It is really disappointing to me that Tyra didn't completely shave her. Jaclyn is hoping that she doesn't get the blonde hair, while Brittani is gunning for red.

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