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We enter with the girls, and particularly Angelea, whooping it up in their post-elimination limo. Angelea, if you'll recall, had the week's best photo with her fur vest-wearing Buffalo socialite. Bre, however, being 26 and pensive, is much more somber. She says that they're getting rid of everybody who lingers in the bottom, and she's usually called second to last. It's making her nervous, which will probably make her even less fun. Having worked as a model for the last six years, Bre thought that she would have this competition in the Hermes bag. However, given that this competition has very little to do with modeling skills, that hasn't been the case. You'd think these ladies would be wiser about such things the second time around! Bre limply vows to step it up.

And then, like Maude, there's Lisa. In fact, I think Lisa's probably only a couple of years older than Maude was when she made her television debut! They also have in common their determination to be anything but tranquilizing. Lisa says that it sucks to be in the bottom two, and guesses that the other girls think she's going home soon. She reminds us that she's the crazy one, and we see her acting a fool in various contexts. One of those contexts is sitting on the bus with that pink knit bow in her hair. This is not the way to convince people that you're sober! However, she's not going to let go of this amazing opportunity to brand herself (as a lunatic!) on a higher level. She promises to make things explosive -- which is not language that should be used by anyone who has been known to soil an adult-sized diaper -- and warns us to hold on tight. With that, we head to credits.

The girls make it to their house and gaze upon Angelea's best of week photo. She says that it feels great to go from the bottom two to number one, and then proceeds to jump around and point at her picture long after everybody is gone. Bre slowly walks up to it and says that she feels like she's being bullied. Angelea says that girls SHOULD hate, because they underestimate her as being hood and not knowing her mannerisms. The genius of Angelea is that she has convinced me that she really meant to say "mannerisms." I guess in context it could be right? She screams, "Winning!" Angelea tells us that when she was on TV she was hot, but then after the show no major agency wanted to sign her. That's because Ford doesn't have a "character" division. At the end of the day, Angelea wants to love what she does, but also get paid. In that case, I suggest that she take her mannerisms back to the Buffalo Credit Union. But nay, Angelea feels like she's in the game now, and tells us that she's focused.

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