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Next up is Chris. She made it to one go-see as well, and didn't book it. Wah wah. Chris's best shot comes up, and there is silence. Nigel says that Chris was the last girl he shot. It's a beautiful picture, and she did a good job, but overall it seemed like she was over it and had already signed out. Kyle thinks that the shot is a bit forced, and that Chris needed to give more. ALT thinks that the lower part of Chris's body looks more statuesque than the top part. Tyra says that the judges are underpraising the photo, but acknowledges that the close-up looks sleepy.

Ann is next. She only made it to one go-see, but she booked the hell out of Versace. She was the only one! ALT looks shocked to learn that Ann was disqualified from the competition because she was late. Ann's shot is... interesting. It looks like she's missing an arm from shoulder to elbow, but still has a hand that emerges from her side. Nigel says that Ann is a good model and knows how to pose, but his problem with her is that she doesn't emote and is very quiet. Kyle thinks she looks beautiful in the photo, but there's no emotion. As a model, he says, it's important to bring yourself to the table. People want to deal with models who have their own personalities. ALT says that Ann may not have given Nigel what he wanted, but she is giving HIGH FASH-ION! And that's because of what she's projecting through her face. Tyra's final word is that the shot is absolutely beautiful, but personality is really important and you won't get booked without it. Except she did get booked without it! At Versace! Ann should just keep doing what she's doing, with the exception of some changes that may prevent the total mental stress crack of which she sometimes seems to be on the verge.

Finally, there's Jane. She made it to only one go-see, and Angelo didn't want to hire her either. ALT likes the classical statue pose of Jane's lower half in her photo, but her face is weak. He says it looks like the sculptor put her to sleep. Nigel says that they got a beautiful picture, but Jane was stiff and gave him so little. He was quite exasperated, and says that when Jane burst into tears it finally showed that she had some emotion in her. Tyra asks Jane what made her break down, and she starts crying again as she says that it's hard to start off thinking that you have a personality, and then be told that you don't. Tyra just nods. Kyle steps in to say that no one's saying that she doesn't have a personality. Well... I mean, he hasn't been there for very long. But he tells her that they want her to be comfortable in showing her personality in all situations. Being herself is what's going to get her through the door. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Kyle really would make a great-looking vampire.

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