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The girls return to their apartment, where there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Only four girls will continue on in the competition. Ann looks nervous, and says that with so few girls left, performance in the photo shoot will make or break all of them. Chris cleans makeup out of her ear and talks about how her shoot went. Chelsey tells us that Chris is a good competitor, but she doesn't want this. Jane is also nervous, and Kayla reminds us that Jane broke down in tears and her shoot was a total trainwreck. She sees Jane in the bottom two. Jane tells us that her supposed lack of personality is now beginning to affect her pictures. She's annoyed that she can't present herself better, and knows that if she can't figure this out, she'll leave. Commercials.

When we return we're backstage pre-panel. Nigel is talking about chicken tartare, and Tyra is doing her face exercises. I don't know which is more terrifying. The girls enter, looking a little ragged. There are prizes, there are judges. IMG manager Kyle Hagler is the guest judge for the week. ALT's wizard cape is black and sequined, in case you're keeping track. Kayla is up first for evaluation, and has to admit to the judges that she got very lost and only made one go-see. They are horrified that she only got to one go-see in four hours, and didn't even book it. I hope they have enough horror to go around, since pretty much everyone is in the same boat. Kayla's picture is gorgeous. Nigel tells her that she was the best poser of the bunch, and Kyle praises her connection with the male model. ALT agrees that she looks stunning, and loves her body language. Even though she's not looking at the male model, he's clearly been seduced. Tyra agrees that the shot is a stunner, but tells Kayla that she needs to work on getting her ass to a go-see. And also doing something with that hair. Yikes.

Chelsey is the challenge winner, of course, but Tyra is still mystified that she only managed to get to two go-sees. She booked one of them, with the casting agent. You can tell that Chelsey is disappointed to learn that Versace didn't book her. Chelsey's photo has a full-on boob grope. Nigel says that he loves the photo, and loved shooting Chelsey. She was a surprise to him, as she moved well with the model and was aware of both her light and the camera. ALT would like to see an elongated neck, and Tyra says that though this is one of the best photographs of the bunch, she looks like a beautiful woman rather than a fashion model.

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