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When we return, it's Chelsey's turn to be statuesque. She wants to show her personality, and to show Nigel and Jay that she wants and deserves to win more than anybody there. If she could find her way around the set, it would be a good start. Chelsey asks Nigel if she should let the male model touch her, and you know Nigel. He's all for it and says that Chelsey should be reacting to the male model slash sculptor's touch. And then I think the male model totally goes for her statue boob! Jay likes what she's doing, and Nigel says that Chelsey got into character really fast, felt sexy, and looked sexy. And then there is boob touching galore. There must be statue fetishists out there who are loving this. Chelsey is clearly pleased with her much-praised performance.

The girls get made up backstage, and Chris giggles because the makeup application tickles. I always do that when I get pedicures, which makes me feel like a total idiot. Kayla feeds Chris grapes, and the two get really silly for a minute, which is a nice break from all the tears and boob touching. Ann is on set next, and Jay likes what she's doing so much that he yells, "Mama is getting her itch scratched, oooh!" Unless he's talking a spot on her back that she can't reach, I don't like the implications of that. Jay says that this is the type of creative that Ann loves. She's artistic and has some knowledge about sculpture, and also I guess doesn't mind the male model putting his hand on her butt. Ann tells us again that she has a passion for art, and this was a good chance for her to bring her passion into the photo shoot. If only Jane had summoned her passion for history!

Kayla is next, looking a little stumpy in all of her makeup. She interviews that, from a professional standpoint, she needs to be able to work with men on an intimate level. She feels confident that she'll be able to succeed. Indeed, Kayla doesn't even blink when the male model puts his hands all over her. She just statues it up and looks gorgeous. Jay is impressed at how Kayla performed on set. She not only nailed the poses, but modeled all the way to her pinky toe. Nigel says that he was worried about shooting with Kayla because in the past she had so many problems with the male model. This time, however, she found herself, which means that she actually went so far as to kind of straddle the dude and not get freaked out about it. The shoot was really hot, and she seems fine, so it's good news all around.

Finally, Chris limps on set. She tells us that her feet hurt, and she's tired of the process. She just wants to take some photos, do it right, and win. The words "tired of the process" do not bode well. Nigel checks in on Chris's ankle, and she says it's not going to keep her from taking this photo. She starts off pretty good, and Nigel says that she connected with the male model and created lovely, soft, curvy shapes. However, as the shoot went on, pain took over and Chris was just trying to get through it. She explains that she's not sure how to stand without putting too much pressure on her foot but still not limiting her poses. Nigel tells her to try to embrace the pain and use it. Chris doesn't seem so sure about that. Nigel says that it looks like Chris was over it, and that she had signed out. Given her interview comments peppered throughout this episode, I think we can safely say that he's correct. And that's a wrap!

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