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At 4:45, Chelsey is trying to figure out her way around the Metro. She has a hard time finding anyone to help her until one nice English-speaking girl stops and gives her directions. Kayla, meanwhile, is confident about her subway-riding ability, but manages to get off one stop from where she entered and walk in a circle back to Versace. Chris and Jane head into the Metro station too, with a lot of trepidation. Neither of them has been on a subway before, and after expressing a lot of confusion they decide it's better to get the heck out of there. With an hour and a half left, they decide to head back to IMG. Jane tells us that it's pretty embarrassing to make it to only one go-see out of four, and Chris suggests that they get some ice cream on the way back to make them feel better. Not a bad plan.

Meanwhile, there's Ann. She asks a lot of people for directions en route to one of the photographers, but is getting nowhere. She's lost and frustrated because time is running out. Chelsey, however, makes it to see casting director Danilo di Pasquale at Global Video. He tells her that the most important things for a model to have are an amazing shape and a beautiful face, and Chelsey has both. Danilo likes Chelsey, and tells us that she has an amazing body. He thinks she'd be perfect for a fashion show. Not according to Versace! Meanwhile, Chris manages to somehow twist her ankle while she and Jane are walking back to IMG. They still make it to the office with 40 minutes to go, though Chris is in some degree of pain.

And then there's the saddest moment of all-time. A dejected Ann sits by a fountain and then, with amazingly disheveled hair, interviews that she even gets lost in Dallas, where she lives. Finding her way in Italy, she says with tears brimming, is not that great. She thinks that all the other girls have made it to four go-sees and are already back at IMG, while she's only gone to one and is hopelessly lost. It's not true, little Ann! They suck, too. Chelsey sucks less than everyone else, though, and makes it back to IMG with four minutes to spare. Chris and Jane were totally hoping that she wouldn't make it back, and after learning that Chelsey made it to two go-sees Chris tells us that she should have locked the door. Ann makes it back to IMG at 6:50. Well, at least she wasn't wandering around Milan all night. Kayla was apparently the most lost of all and doesn't make it back until 7:15.

Andrea and Giovanni meet with the girls. Ann and Kayla are of course disqualified. Chelsey made it to two go-sees while the others only made it to one, and Giovanni is forced to tell them that this is unacceptable. They then go over the client feedback. Ann needs to work on her walk. Kayla has a beautiful face but had a little problem fitting the clothes. Chelsey has an amazing body but looks more commercial than editorial. Chris is the only girl who asked a question, and got kudos for that. Jane has a beautiful face but needs to work on her shy personality. And Chelsey is the winner! Duh. There's going to be a prize from Versace waiting for her at the house.

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