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Tyra then introduces the girls to IMG Milan directors Giovanni di Corrinto and Andrea Cairo, who give them the details of their impending "go-and-sees," which is the Italian term for "go-sees." Andrea says that they'll be seeing four very important customers: a top photographer, a top photographic agency, a casting director, and a very important fashion house. And that very important fashion house is... Versace! Whoa. We can only hope Donatella is there to beat them with a rubber hose, or whatever it is that she does. Chelsey confessionalizes that she's been on a millllllion castings, and she's never been close to anything like Versace. How odd that this show is her road to legitimacy. The girls are given the addresses of their four appointments and learn that they can use the metro, the bus, or walk. Andrea ends by saying, "You're not gonna get lost, I hope." Andrea's hopes are exactly the opposite of the producers' hopes! The most important thing is that the girls must be back to the agency by 6:30 p.m. Latecomers will be disqualified.

With that, the girls are off! It's currently 2:30, so they have four hours in total for their four go-and-sees. Chris and Jane decide to team up, and make a beeline for Versace. Kayla tells us that she and Chelsey also decided to pair up. We take a look and note that Ann is tagging along, though it seems that she wasn't exactly invited to the party. Well, good for her for glomming on, because the thought of her wandering around the streets of Milan unattended makes me very nervous. Jane and Chris ask directions at a café, and learn they're right across the street from Versace. That's pretty good luck, or perhaps good map-following skills. Kayla wonders if she, Ann and Chelsey should get a brochure for the "underground railroad thing." Harriet Tubman weeps.

At 2:45, Jane and Chris enter Versace. Chris is first to meet with Angelo Azzena, whose role is never given but who is apparently some kind of minion. Chris asks him what he looks for in a model, and he says that attitude, good body, and a nice walk are important. He's a bit short in his reply, and then goes back to flipping through her book. Crickets chirp. Chris tells us that Angelo plays no game, and is all about getting you in, seeing what you've got, and moving on to the next girl. He meets with Jane, who says that it was an overwhelming experience to be at Versace, but you really have to keep it together and not freak out, because no one likes that. Meanwhile, at 3:00 Chelsey, Ann, and Kayla are still wandering in vein trying to find Versace. Time is ticking, and Chelsey starts to panic. As she looks around in confusion and says, "I'm so lost," we head to commercials.

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